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Project Green Skill Requirements for Green Job Vacancies Alessia Leibert Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development

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1 project Green Skill Requirements for Green Job Vacancies Alessia Leibert Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development

2 The Research Project Period: Dec 2009–May 2011 (four survey rounds) Goal: Count and characterize green job vacancies in Minnesota, develop career info on green jobs. Methodology: Builds off Minnesota Job Vacancy Survey Adds telephone interview on each potentially green job to ­ confirm the environmental activities of each position. ­ gather qualitative information on skill and knowledge requirements, job duties, and hiring difficulty. Adds in-depth interviews with key companies in key sectors.

3 MN Definition of Green Job Directly and/or essentially related to a green process, green product, or green service and engaged for at least 50% of the time in: Environmental regulation, research, or advocacy Sustainable agriculture or natural resource conservation Environmental cleanup Energy efficiency Renewable energy or alternative fuels

4 Overall Findings From Fall 2009 - Fall 2010 green vacancies have consistently been found to represent about 2% of all vacancies. Green job vacancies appear to follow a similar growth path as non-green vacancies. Almost 70% of all green vacancies need some level of school or training beyond a high school diploma.

5 Educational Characteristics of Green Vacancies Education Categories Green Vacancies All Vacancies H.S./GED degree or less 29%51% Vocational degree 23%9% Associate’s degree 6% Bachelor’s degree 38%21% Advanced degree 3%5% No response 1%8%

6 Skills Research Adopting O*NET conceptual framework, we asked a series of questions on skills necessary for the position: Supervisory Project Management Mathematics (from basic to advanced) Technology Design Information Technology Technical skills

7 Knowledge Research We also asked the importance of the following knowledge areas: Legal Science Mechanical (both skill and knowledge) Sales or Marketing Construction Other

8 Skills and Knowledge Findings (preliminary) Technical skills are the most commonly required skills in green job vacancies (69%), followed by math (60%). Technical and math skills combined are required in 55% of all green estimated vacancies. Mechanical and science knowledge are the most commonly required knowledge categories in green job vacancies. Overall science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) areas are most typical for green jobs.

9 Other Skills and Knowledge (preliminary) Project Management Skills: Many green activities are related to complex projects (site remediation, sustainable construction, conservation planning) Knowledge of lean or Six Sigma principles Knowledge of Computer Modeling Programs (hydrologic/hydraulic models, geological models, energy models, and 3-D graphical modeling applications) and geospatial data applications (GIS, GPS)

10 Unexpected Results Rather than “new” skills, we are finding specialized expertise in traditional areas with some add-ons typically associated with: The use of new technologies A new way of approaching an issue (air/water quality, prevention versus treatment of pollution) A new way of combining/applying existing skills and knowledge in a multi-disciplinary fashion

11 What was New? Results prove that some occupations are more likely than others to need add-on knowledge for performing green-related work. These are: Some O*NET Enhanced Skills occupations (Environmental Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, HVAC Technicians) and many New & Emerging occupations (Energy Engineers, Sustainability Specialists). Vacancies that were newly created (as opposed to replacement hiring). One-fourth of newly created positions were in New & Emerging occupations.

12 New & Emerging Green Occupations Energy Engineer Air Quality Control Specialist Lean Manufacturing Engineer Supply Chain Manager Water/Wastewater Engineer Energy Auditor Wind Turbine TechnicianSustainability Coordinator Environmental Restoration Planner Environmental Compliance Manager Recycling Workers

13 Future Research Steps Conduct a fourth survey round to make the data more robust. Identify green tools and technologies that might need special training or expertise. Conduct an in-depth analysis of skills/knowledge examples, with special focus on newly created positions and “hard to fill” positions.

14 For More Information –More research findings by occupation and industry –Fall 2010 survey results –Articles on green manufacturing and green entrepreneurship –Links to career information as it becomes available Contact: Alessia Leibert Senior Research Analyst, LMI, DEED

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