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Chapter 15, Section 3 The Rights of Women p

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1 Chapter 15, Section 3 The Rights of Women p. 530-533
After decades of effort, women finally win the right to vote!

2 15.3 section focus question:
How did women gain new rights?

3 Women Win the Vote Main Idea: After more than 70 years of effort, American women win the right to vote in all elections. Remember Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, & the Seneca Falls Convention? In 1848 Sharing hardships secures women’s right to vote in Western states. WY 1869 “We may stay out of the Union for 100 years, but we will come in with our women” – WY 1890 Carrie Chapman Catt devises a plan for suffragists people who worked for a women’s right to vote State-by-state Carrie Chapman Catt

4 Alice Paul 1913- Alice Paul meets with President Wilson & gains his commitment to women’s suffrage. 19th Amendment passes in 1920: giving women the right to vote in federal elections. - But not before a lot of suffering…. - Show “Suffering Suffragists” PowerPoint Alice Paul ( )

5 New Opportunities for Women
Main Idea: During the Progressive Era, women fight for access to jobs and education. Women make advances in education 1st Woman PhD By 1900s over 1,000 female lawyers and 7,000 female doctors - Belva Ann Bennett Lockwood - lawyer who petitions Congress & runs for president in 1884 and 1888 Women’s Clubs form across the U.S. National Association of Colored Women fights to end segregation and gain women’s suffrage. Florence Kelley investigates working conditions in sweatshops. Organizes boycotts of companies that use child labor Florence Kelley

6 The Crusade Against Alcohol
Main Idea: Temperance supporters win passage of a constitutional amendment banning alcohol. Women lead the way in the temperance movement. Frances Willard – 1st president of the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union (WCTU). Carrie Nation - radical temperance activist Storms saloons swinging a hatchet & holding a Bible 18th Amendment – (ratified in 1919) = prohibition. ban on the sale, transportation, or consumption of alcohol 21st Amendment repealed this – in 1933 Carrie Nation "Smash, ladies, smash!"

7 15.3 section focus question:
How did women gain new rights? Suffragists fought state-by-state for the 19th Amendment, which gave women the right to vote. Women also gained more legal rights and educational and job opportunities.

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