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Planet Project.

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1 Planet Project

2 Planet Project Directions:
Each group will be researching a different planet. Using the rubric below, you are to create a presentation of your planet. The planets you can chose from are: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. You can present your planet in various ways which are listed below.

3 Planet Project Statistics: Distance from the Sun: in km or miles
Rotation: how long for it to spin once Revolution: how long to go around the Sun once Diameter: how big is the planet (in km or miles) Surface temperature range Coldest to hottest temperatures

4 Planet Project Describe the atmosphere: Describe the terrain:
What kinds of gases make up the atmosphere? Any specific weather patterns? Hurricanes, storms, etc. Is the atmosphere safe for Humans? Describe the terrain: Mountains, valleys, canyons, oceans, etc.? Any well known land features? Can Humans land on the planet?

5 Planet Project Describe its Moons Exploration of the Planet:
How many moons does your planet have? Names of the more well known moons? Anything special about any of the moons? Exploration of the Planet: Have Humans been there? Robots? Satellites? What are some famous discoveries?

6 Planet Project Cross Section of the Planet’s Interior: Example:
Label the layers

7 Planet Project Mythology about the Planet:
How did it get its name? It’s symbol? What mythological stories help give the planet its name? At least 5 additional interesting facts, characteristics, or features about the planet Any “fun facts” about the planet the emphasize its uniqueness.

8 Planet Project Graphics:
At least 5 pictures of your planet or about your planet. Cannot count the Cross-Section picture

9 Planet Project Presentation: As a group, you need to decided today how you want to present your project Poster – must provide your own poster board PowerPoint Video Song – typed out lyrics, with pictures Research Paper – typed out, with pictures 3D Model – must provide your own materials Skit – typed script, with pictures Each member MUST present. Bring a USB Key to store your information

10 Planet Project Bring a USB Key to save your information
final presentation to Ms. Foltin:

11 Planet Project Group Project: Decide what Planet you will research:
No group is bigger than 4 unless approved by me. If you cannot choose, I will choose for you. When I say go, you will have 30 seconds to choose who your group members will be Decide what Planet you will research: Make a list of the top 3 planets you wish to research. I will select at random who will choose first.

12 Planet Project DUE DATE Tuesday, May 7

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