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The High School Journey Begins

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1 The High School Journey Begins
The Class of 2016 Walla Walla High School

2 Four Steps to Graduation
Earn the required number of credits in high school classes (22 credits) Pass the HSPE (High School Proficiency Exam- formally WASL) for Reading & Writing; and pass End of Course exams in Math (Algebra & Geometry) and Science (Biology) Create a High School and Beyond Plan Complete a Culminating Project Note to presenters: Districts are responsible for the guidelines for the Culminating Project, High School and Beyond Plan and for determining the minimum credits (as long as they match or go beyond the state minimums). Please note the number of credits students in your school/district must fulfill. You will be able to go into greater detail about those credits later in the presentation. If you need guidance on implementing your Culminating Project or the High School & Beyond Plan, visit the State Board of Education Web site for guidelines:

3 Credit Requirements Q & A
Q: How many credits are needed for graduation? A: 22 credits in various subject areas. Q: How are credits earned? A: Credits are earned by passing a course. ½ credit is earned per semester for each course that a student successfully passes.

4 Credit Requirements Q & A
Q: What kind of credits must be earned? A: 4 credits of English 3 credits of Social Studies 3 credits of Math 2 credits of Science 1.5 credits of P.E. 0.5 credit of Health 1.5 credits of CTE (Career & Technical Education) 1 credit of Fine or Performing Arts 5.5 credits of Electives 22 credits TOTAL

5 Credit Requirements Q & A
Q: How many credits should a student earn each year? A. 9th grade year credits 10th grade year credits 11th grade year credits 12th grade year credits Total credits (22 credits required for graduation) If you fail a year long class your freshman year, you would have to take 6 credits your junior or senior year or do summer school.

6 Planning for 9th grade: Classes
5 required classes for 9th graders: English, Math, Social Studies, Science, and PE/Health. Choose one additional class from the following categories: Fine Arts, CTE, and World Language. * World Languages is not required for graduation but is a requirement for admission to a 4 year college. 1st Semester 2nd Semester English: Math: Science: Social Studies: PE/ROTC or Health: Credits Earned: Total Credits Earned:

7 Planning for 9th grade: Schedule
Choose a schedule: 6 classes: Periods 1 – 6 (7:30 am – 2:00 pm) 6 classes: Periods 2 – 7 (8:30 am – 3:15 pm) 7 classes: Periods 1 – 7 (7:30 am – 3:15 pm) Give careful consideration when choosing which schedule will best suit your learning style and family needs. We don’t make a general recommendation that our 9th grade students enroll in 7 classes.

8 Using the Wa-Hi Course Catalog: Prerequisites
Look at pages 12 – 23 to answer the following questions. What courses are 9th graders eligible to take? What is meant by “Prerequisite?” Is there a Prerequisite for Graphic Arts Design II?

9 Using the WWHS Course Catalog: Eligibility & Course Descriptions
Look at pages 12 – 23 to answer the following questions. 1. Can a 9th student take Culinary Arts 1-2? 2. Look up the course description for Floriculture. * Now you know how to use the Course Offering Chart. There are charts for each department: English, Math, Science, etc.

10 Planning Ahead Refer to pages 57 – 58 in the Course Catalog.
The Graduation Requirement Worksheet and the Wa-Hi Four Year Plan will help you monitor your high school academic progress.

11 Keys to Success at Wa-Hi: Responsibility
Be there and be on time. Attendance is very important. Do your homework every night. The majority of poor grades results from failure to complete and turn in assignments. Do your make-up work promptly. It is your responsibility to talk to your teachers upon returning to school after being absent.

12 Keys to Success at Wa-Hi: Involvement
Get involved. There is something for everyone. Not only is it fun to be part of a club or sport team, but it helps when it is time to apply for college admission and scholarships. Make your own decisions. Your friend's choice may not be the right choice for you.

13 Keys to Success at Wa-Hi: Academic
Stay Organized. If you have never used a planner, 9th grade year is the time to start. Communicate… with teachers, counselors, administrators. The goal of every Wa-Hi staff is to help each student.

14 Have a positive and successful four year experience at Walla Walla High School. GO BLUE!!

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