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Cellular Respiration Review

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1 Cellular Respiration Review

2 You may use your notes on the test.
Whether or not you use them you will turn them in with your test on Wed.

3 Cellular resp. releases energy by…
A. Breaking down food molecules B. Breaking down ATP C. Breaking down CO2 Answer is: Food molecules are broken down to provide your cells with energy.

4 Know the 3 parts of Cellular Respiration (The precursor & its 2 stages)

5 The 3 parts are… First comes… Glycolysis Second… Krebs Cycle Third…
Electron Transport Chain

6 Krebs Cycle Starts with pyruvate Produces NAD+ (p. 210)

7 Know: e- transport chain
Occurs where? Mitochondria, (in the inner membrane.)

8 Where does Glycolysis occur?
*In the Cytoplasm What does it begin with? *Glucose

9 Glycolysis produces how many ATPs? (net production)

10 Know the equation for cellular respiration.
C6H12O6 + 6O Energy + 6H2O + 6CO2 (Balanced)

11 Know that the electron carrier in cellular respiration is:

12 NAD+

13 What is the final product of lactic acid fermentation?

14 Lactic Acid

15 What kind of cells does Lactic Acid Fermentation mainly occur in?
Muscle cells

16 During Lactic Acid Ferm.
NAD+ is recycled so that ______GLYCOLYSIS____ can continue. Hint: This produces 2 ATPs.

17 What are the final products of alcoholic fermentation?

18 Used to make beer, wine, alcoholic beverages.
CO2 Ethanol Used to make beer, wine, alcoholic beverages.

19 How many ATPs are formed from glycolysis + cellular respiration?

20 36 ATPs

21 In Cellular Respiration
1 Molecule of glucose yields how many ATPs? 36 This is glycolysis + cellular resp.

22 If no oxygen is present the cell will go through…



25 Cellular Respiration uses
Oxygen Cells that don’t use oxygen / don’t go through c.r. , are anaerobic bacteria Can cause food poisoning

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