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Meeting the Needs of the Customer: to ISO 9001 Standards Michael Donohoe, Operations and Systems Manager (CYQ)

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1 Meeting the Needs of the Customer: to ISO 9001 Standards Michael Donohoe, Operations and Systems Manager (CYQ)

2 Introduction CYQ Specialist Awarding Organisation operating in the health, fitness and wellbeing sector First specialist Awarding Organisation in this sector Founded in September 1998 A social enterprise that forms part of the wider Central YMCA Charity Approximately 400 active centres based in the UK and internationally Over 50 qualifications (Levels 1 – 4) Awarded ISO 9001 certification in December 2011

3 CYQ Structure Head of CYQ Operations and Systems Manager Customer Support Manager Customer Support Advisors Lead Quality Assurer Regional External Quality Assurers External Quality Assurers Senior Qualifications Manager Technical Managers Qualification Development Manager Business Development and Approvals Manager Approvals and Support Coordinator Head of Business Development Support Services Manager

4 Introduction Michael Donohoe Joined CYQ in September 2007 as a Customer Support Advisor Became Customer Support Manager in August 2008 Worked with CYQ Operations Manager to oversee the implementation of new systems between 2009 – 2010 Became CYQ Operations and Systems Manager in February 2011 and the Central YMCA Quality Management Lead in April 2012 Oversees system optimisation and development, manages operational budget and coordinates ISO 9001 internal audits

5 ISO 9001 ISO International Organisation for Standardisation ISO 9001 Relates to quality management systems Internationally recognised Helps ensure continual process improvement Certification reviewed to ensure continued compliance

6 Delivering Excellent Customer Service Key Principles Understand the needs of your customer Understand the quality of your service provision Identify ways of closing the gaps Implement improvements Review performance

7 CYQ’s Systems CRM – manages customer relations Interactive database – manages learner registration and certification Markit – manages assessment results eAssessment – manages online assessment eLearning – manages online learning GP – manages centre accounts

8 System Integration

9 Benefits Saves time and money Helps reduce SLAs Less margin for error Almost everything held centrally in CRM Ease of reporting Access information quickly and easily

10 Managing Centre Relations Maintaining Accurate Records CYQ launched its CRM system in January 2010 Information relating to contact details, staff, assessment bookings, invoicing, centre correspondence, qualification approvals and centre considerations held centrally Core records are accessible to all members of the team, 24hrs a day Reports and data exports available for huge volume of data

11 Managing Centre Relations Dealing with complaints / issues Complaints and/or issues captured and recorded in CRM Follow-up tasks assigned to the appropriate member(s) of staff Follow-up activities timeframed to ensure adherence to SLAs Resolution(s) recorded in CRM Information available for reporting (important for business intelligence)

12 Managing Centre Relations Monitoring Service Levels Adherence to key SLAs monitored on a daily basis Level of urgency assigned to each individual task Information on risk escalated early Seasonal ‘choke points’ identified early to ensure sufficient levels of staffing Performance against SLAs reviewed and revised where possible

13 Delivering on SLAs Improvements Certification SLA:15 working days Current:2 – 4 working day turnaround Registration SLA:5 working days Current:Same day turnaround Results SLA:10 working days Current:3 – 4 working day turnaround

14 Importance of Competitive SLAs Crowded marketplace with lots of consumer choice Drives forward process and system improvement Sets transparent benchmarks Wins new customers Keeps existing customers

15 Speed and Precision Must always ensure continued regulatory compliance Speed of turnaround must not be at the expense of accuracy Strong processes and staff must underpin delivery of services

16 Reporting and Business Intelligence Benefits Understand your customers better Identify specific needs and tailor service Review and improve your customer service performance Recognise opportunities Identify trends Improved planning

17 Reporting and Business Intelligence Maintaining records and building useful reports Hold information in the same place Ensure a consistent method of data input / recording Understand what you need to know, when, why and in what format Build meaningful reports that update dynamically

18 Regulation Conditions of Recognition New Conditions published in May 2011 Purpose Secure standards in the creation, delivery, assessment and awarding of qualifications and units Ensure learners are treated fairly Promote efficiency within the qualifications sector Ensure value for money

19 Regulation and Business Decisions Restrictions Regulation brings standardisation of service Policies and procedures very similar to competitors Benefits Sets clear parameters within which you can work Discourages poor business practice Opportunities Creativity still possible within the parameters of the Conditions

20 The Future New AOs entering the marketplace Tighter regulation by Ofqual More accountability Higher visibility of regulatory intervention Standards and accuracy more important than ever

21 The Future for CYQ Increase portfolio of qualifications Improve processes and procedures More digital products and services Further optimisation and understanding of current systems Maintain ongoing regulatory compliance Maintain ISO 9001 accreditation Implement second Customer Care Improvement Plan

22 Thank you for your time Q&A

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