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7th Grade German 1A.

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1 7th Grade German 1A

2 Basic dialogue (introducing yourself, greetings)
Basic information about yourself (passport) Colors Numbers (0- 1,000,000) Ordinal numbers (Dates..) Alphabet and Pronunciation Introduction to Mini-Stories (Janosch books)

3 Days/Months/Seasons Meine Stadt (My City) Giving directions, two-way prepositions,designing and describing your city. Exploring several German, Austrian and Swiss cities.

4 Uhrzeit (how to tell time)
Mein Haus und mein Zimmer Möbel (furniture) Das Essen (food) Im Restaurant (dialogues in a restaurant, designing menus, shopping, role-plays, field trip to Metzger’s)

5 Die Raupe Nimmersatt Märchen (introduction to German fairy tales) “Fritz in Amerika” Mozart

6 Die Reise nach Europa (passport, airport vocab, what would you pack, where would you travel, dialogue at the airport) Die Reise in Europa (the Euro, the ICE, train vocab, dialogue at the train counter, buying a train ticket) Die Reisebroschüre (design your own travel brochure as a final project)

7 Evaluation based on: Daily Participation Weekly quizzes and dialogues
Skits and role-plays Projects (thematic projects) Internet projects (Tutoring program partnership with the UM, field trip to Metzger’s in December , field trip to German Day at the UM in March)

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