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SCM C037A06 “International Relations of the University of Novi Sad “ 20 February 2007 Prof. dr Mikloš Biro 20 February 2007 Prof. dr Mikloš Biro

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1 SCM C037A06 “International Relations of the University of Novi Sad “ 20 February 2007 Prof. dr Mikloš Biro 20 February 2007 Prof. dr Mikloš Biro

2 At the University level there is a central International Relations Office. The Office was formed in 2002 as one of the mechanisms that were needed to facilitate the growing participation of the University of Novi Sad in Bologna-related activities and reforms. Currently the Office has 4 full-time employees.Their duties are: -HEAD OF THE OFFICE - In charge of running the Office, managing and dividing day-to-day assignments, planning certain international activities, running a number multilateral long term projects and monitoring the University’s participation in international associations and organizations (EUA, DRC, etc). -INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS OFFICER 1 - In charge of regional cooperation - bilateral agreements and certain regional projects.

3 -INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS OFFICER 2 - In charge of the cooperation with universities and associations in the German-speaking countries (bilateral cooperation, projects, etc). -INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS OFFICER 3 - In charge with activities related to foreign students who come to Novi Sad within cooperation agreements and international projects, as well as with those who are enrolling in the new postgraduate courses in English. This officer is also in charge of supporting and facilitating the cooperation with countries outside Europe (e.g. China). The members of staff have a high level of competence in English, German and Hungarian.

4 The IRO’s main activities are:  Managing University cooperation agreements.  Running a number of University-initiated projects (Campus Europae, European Studies, certain Tempus projects, etc).  Preparing and carrying out University conferences, Summer Schools and other events initiated by the University leadership.  Supporting a number of foreign students who are enrolled at the University of Novi Sad through a University programme.  Supporting the exchange of teaching staff (administrative support).  Preparing project applications, which are strategically important from a University point of view.  Translating University and other related documents.  Providing and disseminating information on current European projects and programs related to higher education and research, etc.

5 The IRO is managing the International Projects: -EUA Quality Assurance Project -EUA Quality Culture Project -Campus Europae Network and Mobility Program -WUS Austria Projects -Tempus Projects on Bologna Reforms -CEI Projects supporting European Studies, domestic projects supporting International Relations and Higher Education reforms, etc. The members of IRO also had the opportunity to participate in projects that aim at increasing skills and knowledge of university management (e.g. SEE-HEAD of Salzburg Seminar, etc).

6 CURRENT TEMPUS PROJECTS AT UNS (UNS AS A COORDINATOR) SCM-C020A06 IMPLEMENTATION OF STUDENTS' PARLIAMENT IN SERBIA CD JEP-40071 LOWLAND AGRICULTURAL WATER MANAGEMENT (LOLAqua) - Internationally oriented M.Sc. course In other ongoing 14 projects (both SCM and JEP) UNS is a consortium member.

7 WUS AUSTRIA  CDP projects aim to help the reform of curricula and transition to new study programs at Serbian universities  Since 2002 36% of accepted CDP projects were from UNS  In each selection period UNS received grants

8 WUS AUSTRIA  The aim of the BGP projects is to break the academic isolation by giving grants to academics to come to Serbia and hold lectures at Serbian Universities  The grants are given for a period up to 4 weeks  UNS has had third of all accepted BGP projects

9 CAMPUS EUROPAE is a network of 16 European universities, which facilitates the mobility of students in a number of fields UNS is a member from 2004 Since academic 2004/2005: NUMBER OF OUTGOING STUDENTS: 18 NUMBER OF INCOMING STUDENTS: 14 ACTIVE FIELDS OF EXCHANGE: Engineering Physics Biology Biochemistry Law Medicine CAMPUS EUROPAE

10 PARTNERS IN STUDENT EXCHANGE from 2004-2007: University of Aveiro, Portugal (Physics, Engineering, Biochemistry) University of Liege, Belgium (Physics) University of Limerick, Ireland (Engineering) University of Nancy, France (Engineering, Medicine) University of Trento, Italy (Physics) University of Greifswald, Germany (Law, Medicine) IN THE ACADEMIC 2006/2007, UNIVERSITY OF NOVI SAD MANAGED TO INCREASE THE NUMBER OF ACTIVE FIELDS, EXCHANGE STUDENTS AND PARTNERS INVLOVED.

11 Percentage of staff & teachers exchange according to state

12  European Union Universities = 48  Other European Universities = 21  USA Universities = 9  Other Universities = 6  TOTAL MOU = 85 MOU SIGNED WITH FOREIGN UNIVERSITIES

13  EUA – European University Association  EUF – European University Foundation and CAMPUS EUROPAE project  DRC – Danube Rectors’ Conference  BUN - BALKAN UNIVERSITIES NETWORK  ACRU - ASSOCIATION OF CARPATHIAN REGION UNIVERSITIES  IUC – Inter University Centre Dubrovnik MEMBERSHIPS



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