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School Councils 101 Fall School Council Orientation Forum YRDSB 2009.

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1 School Councils 101 Fall School Council Orientation Forum YRDSB 2009

2 8/25/2015 What School Councils Are… Representative of all parents Focused on student achievement Supportive of the School Plan for Continuous Improvement Advisory to the principal and school board

3 8/25/2015 What School Councils Are Not.. Staffing committees Complaints bureaus Sources of endless funds Composed of persons representing one point of view or interest

4 8/25/2015 Relevant Legislation Regulation 612 (authority of School Councils) Regulation 613 (duties of principals) School Council Guide School Council Handbook

5 8/25/2015 YRDSB Policies #238 Parent Engagement #262 School Councils #280 Volunteers in our Schools #635 Dress Code #668 Safe Schools #676 School Fundraising

6 8/25/2015 Board Plans for Continuous Improvement Board Plan for Continuous Improvement  Delivering differentiated assessment-based instruction to intentionally support the strengths, needs and interests of each student to improve achievement and success in all subjects and programs,  Engaging parents, families and communities in collaborative and reciprocal relationships for the purpose of intentionally improving student achievement and success, and  Promoting healthy and respectful schools and workplaces that ensure continuous improvement in service delivery, program provision and staff growth to support improved student achievement and success.

7 School Plan for Continuous Improvement Based upon Board Plan for Continuous Improvement An evolving document Focused on improving student learning, achievement and success Revised annually Focus for expenditures and activities

8 Evolving Roles of School Councils Stage 1 (traditional role)  Traditional involvement (fundraising, volunteering, attendance at social events)  Support for school’s plan for continuous improvement

9 Stage 2 (Transitioning to Advisory Capabilities)  Working to become more capable of providing informed advice to the principal Stage 3 (Advisory Role)  Provide informed advice to the principal which is received and responded to  Involved in developing/revising School Plan for Continuous Improvement (SPCI)

10 8/25/2015 Stage 4 (Transitioning to Partnership Capabilities)  Contribute to implementation of SPCI  Focus on improved student learning, achievement and success  Emphasis on parental role in impacting student learning  Facilitate community support

11 8/25/2015 Stage 5 (Advanced Partnerships)  Work with educators in a partnership to improve student learning  High level of understanding of parental and community involvement which leads to improved student learning  Focused with a clear direction

12 Stage 5 is characterized by… Individuals and teams working to lead programs dedicated to improved parenting Good two-way communications between home and school Quality volunteering programs, featuring training and meaningful activities for volunteers to conduct Social events which provide opportunities for many parents to attend the school on occasion, whether it be for student performances, informal meet-the-teacher events or something else

13 Clear goals and purposes for fundraising Homework assignments which are managed cooperatively between home and school Advice to the principal is informed and focused Community resources are tapped on occasion for the benefit of the students

14 Composition of School Council Parents = majority  Can be Board employees (but not executive member), but can’t be employed at the school unless as a Lunch Assistant; must let electorate know of employment status 1 student representative 1 community representative (up to 4) School principal 1 teaching staff representative 1 support staff representative

15 Operational Matters Consensus is preferred model for decision- making No payment for school council role Council cannot be incorporated (or a charitable organization) Members serve for one year but may be re-elected

16 Board responsibilities To consult with school councils on policies and guidelines To inform councils of the subsequent action taken in response to input Hold school council forums twice/year Provide legal protection to council members Rule on internal disputes of school councils which the councils refer to the Board

17 Council Responsibilities Hold at least 4 meetings/year, open to the public in an accessible location Make decisions only when a quorum is present (majority of members in attendance; majority of those are parents) Keep minutes and financial records for 4 years Provide a written report and financial report annually

18 Create/revise administrator profiles annually Create/revise school profiles annually Make recommendations to the Board through the area superintendent Create a Constitution

19 8/25/2015 Responsibilities of the Principal To communicate to every parent (dates, times, locations of every meeting; annual report; membership of council) Distribute Board-provided materials Assist council with communication to school community Consult regarding school policies/procedures Consider council recommendations and explain decisions made regarding these Advise council when they are not in compliance with Board policies and procedures Serve as resource for information Support and promote council’s activities Serve as liaison between council and community organizations

20 Responsibilities of Chair/Co-Chair Call council meeting, organize agenda and chair the meeting Communicate with the principal, senior Board staff and trustees as required Ensure that minutes are recorded, parents are consulted, fundraising meets Board policies, and the council Constitution is reviewed annually

21 Responsibilities of Council Members Maintain a school-wide perspective on issues Regularly attend school council meetings Participate in information and training programs Act as a link between the school council and the community Encourage the participation of all parents Participate on sub-committees and assist with tasks of the school council

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