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1 Ofsted safeguarding evidence: a guide, NOT a checklist! BSP Headteacher Conference 29th April 2015.

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1 1 Ofsted safeguarding evidence: a guide, NOT a checklist! BSP Headteacher Conference 29th April 2015

2 2 ●Leadership and management ●Inspectors should consider the, ‘ effectiveness with which a school identifies any pupils who may be at risk, using a case study approach based on concerns about individual pupils that may have originated either inside or outside the school’. [School inspection handbook, para 157] ●Behaviour and safety ●#Inspectors must look at a small sample of case studies in order to evaluate the experience of particular individuals and groups, such as pupils for whom referrals have been made to the local authority (checking how the referral was made and the thoroughness of the follow-up), disabled pupils and those who have special educational needs, looked after children and those with mental health needs’ [School inspection handbook, para 171] ●Achievement of pupils ●‘Inspectors must take account of ‘case studies of individual pupils’ [School inspection handbook, para 195] Safeguarding evidence

3 3 AreaFocus Activity and evidence to be recorded Complaints about safeguarding Information about any complaints against the school Checks on portal NB 1 – inspectors do not investigate complaints but examine the issues relating to it and the complaints process in the school. NB2 – reference should be made in the report to an evaluation of the ‘issues’ to show that these have been looked at.

4 4 Safeguarding evidence Internet references Internet search as part of their pre- inspection planning to see whether there are any safeguarding issues Checks internet – records on summary EF

5 5 Safeguarding evidence Safeguarding incidents at school Absence and exclusion Inspectors should ask whether there have been any safeguarding incidents since the last inspection of the school. Inspectors should record the school’s response. A list of referrals made to the designated person for safeguarding in the school and those that were subsequently referred to the local authority, along with brief details of the resolution How is absence from school identified and followed up (particularly for potentially vulnerable young people Discussion with HT Anonymised examples and numbers and brief details of resolution. Track pupils taken off roll, those with long-term absence

6 6 Safeguarding evidence LA safeguarding report The executive summary and areas for development of the most recent Ofsted inspection report on the relevant local authority’s child protection arrangements (LCSB websites) Checked before inspection – any relevant issue recorded. SCR Is fully compliant and includes the new prohibition of teaching check SCR checked on site Disqualification by association – early and later years checks School has undertaken relevant checks Discussion about process recorded Safeguarding policyIs up to date and accurately identifies procedures Policy examined and complies with guidance.

7 7 Safeguarding evidence Knowledge of safeguarding procedures (staff) Staff’s understanding of the of the procedures - staff know what to do if they suspect abuse and whether there have been any incidents or referrals to the LADO since the last inspection Staff take the appropriate and necessary action in accordance with local procedures and statutory guidance Records are kept securely. Discussion with staff and DSP – recorded and quality evaluated.

8 8 Safeguarding evidence Knowledge of safeguarding procedures (pupils) Pupils’ understanding of how to keep safe and about aspects such as bullying, including cyberbullying (by text message, on social networking sites, and so on) and prejudice-based bullying racist, disability, and homophobic or transphobic abuse Discussion with pupils - detail recorded as to area explored. TrainingStaff and DSP have been trained at the correct intervals and at the appropriate level Certificates seen, includes dates.

9 9 Safeguarding evidence Case studies Vulnerable children files examined - evidence of safeguarding procedures seen How referrals to the LADO were followed up). Observation of files and discussion with DSP. Anonymous recording indicates who selected the case studies. Governance Governors have asked staff to read Part One of Keeping Children Safe Minutes and documentation confirming that staff have done this (and how GB know). Governors understand their responsibilities and are suitably trained Discussion with governors Governors’ minutes

10 10 Safeguarding evidence Safe recruitment and allegations against staff process Robust systems in place with staff having a copy /understanding of written procedures for managing allegations. Examination of record of process and staff files. Anonymised recording. FGM How alert are staff to the possible signs that a child has been subject to female genital mutilation or is at risk of being abused through it; what sort of training have they had. Records Staff training Staff awareness..all recorded. Different cultural traditions School furthers tolerance and harmony between different cultural traditions by enabling pupils to acquire an appreciation of and respect for their own and other cultures Staff discussion Pupils’ views Curriculum planning Books and internet material

11 11 Safeguarding evidence Protected characteristics School encourages respect for other people, paying particular regard to the protected characteristics set out in the 2010 Act – those with protected characteristics are included. Staff discussion Pupils’ views Curriculum planning Books and internet material

12 12 Safeguarding evidence Extremism and radicalisation This is the extent to which the school prevents these things and protects pupils. The school should aim to prevent the political indoctrination of pupils through the curriculum. This includes avoidance of systematic promotion of partisan political views in a way that is likely to exert undue influence on the views of young people. The school must follow the teachers’ standards / standard in independent schools. Staff discussion Pupils’ views Curriculum planning Books and internet material

13 13 Safeguarding evidence Other safeguarding aspects Health and safety, including fire safety and behaviour Electrical, gas, water safety The physical environment for children is safe and protects them from harm or the risk of harm All checks regarding fire safety are carried out and a fire risk assessment is reviewed annually. Annual checks on services. PAT testing Water temperature and bacterial checks. Policy / procedures Checks on general and specialist accommodation including risk assessments. Checks on high risk behaviour (behaviour plans, incident /sanction logs and risk assessments). Records of trends and patterns. Fire policy and records of checks by staff.

14 14 Safeguarding evidence Use of reasonable force Staff are trained, have policy/procedures in place and keep sufficiently detailed records. Policy Procedures including de- escalation and use of physical restraint. Detailed restraint log accurately recorded, including numbers and analysis of trends and patterns by school Staff training Meeting the needs of pupils with medical conditions How pupils with conditions are supported and managed in relation to their medical conditions and also pastoral care Discussion with pastoral leader, medical staff, support workers, and examine practical arrangements to maximise educational access.

15 15 Safeguarding evidence First aid Staff are suitably trained, records kept well and equipment ready at hand and up to date. Policy Staff training - dates Recording of FA incidents including procedures and analysis by school Educational visits There are suitable procedures which ensure pupils’ safety. Policy and procedures (practical arrangements) Risk assessments Internet or e-safety Staff and pupils are aware of safe use of internet and related media Discussion with pupils Protocols and policy School securityThe physical environment for children is secure and protects them from harm or the risk of harm Checks on site security

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