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L UELLA M IDDLE S CHOOL A GRICULTURE S CIENCE 7 th Grade November 2011 A review by Waynette Helms, Patsy Kraj, and Bliss Lucas.

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1 L UELLA M IDDLE S CHOOL A GRICULTURE S CIENCE 7 th Grade November 2011 A review by Waynette Helms, Patsy Kraj, and Bliss Lucas

2 C ONTENT Strengths: Clear and concise standards, objectives, and content overview; course map outlining the course and the lessons is available. Weaknesses: Netiquette, academic integrity, copyright guidelines, and syllabus for the course is not included; name and contact information for the instructor is needed Recommendations: Include a detailed syllabus for the course on the website as a reference for students and as a resource for parents

3 I NSTRUCTIONAL D ESIGN Strengths: Course map with objectives and lesson outlines; immediate feedback on quizzes; multiple learning styles addressed ; variety of performance based assessments; active participation by student for material mastery; critical thinking activities; relevance to students’ lives; excellent enrichment sites; multidisciplinary Weaknesses: A student help video for ANGEL is needed on the introductory page; Ag Science lessons page needs further initial directions on what to do and where to go; multicultural activities are needed; more interaction between students/teacher and between students Interaction Between Students and Teachers: We could not find any set interaction. Interaction Among Students: Discussion boards on occasion Recommendations: Add audio to the “Help with ANGEL” video; correct Ag Science course map “Work in Progress” status; address ethnic and socio-economic groups in clientele; create a syllabus that addresses specific methods and times for student/teacher and teacher/teacher interaction online.

4 S TUDENT A SSESSMENT Strengths: Embedded quizzes; charts show current grade breakdown; standards -based rubric (Unit 1 Performance Task) Weaknesses: List on course syllabus point value of each assignment and its relation to the overall course grade. Types and Frequency of Assessments: *Each lesson has some form of assessment: Pre-test, quizzes, powerpoint/presentations, mind maps, worksheets, journal entries, letters to senators, PSA video, creative writings, dichotomous keys, posters Recommendations: Publish the point value for assignments and their relation to the overall grading scheme for the class in a syllabus.

5 T ECHNOLOGY Strengths: Ease of navigation; engaging variety; helpful tutorials; student creation of deliverables Weaknesses: Links to technology support unavailable; accessibility, hardware, and software requirements unavailable Types and Frequency of Course Technology: 2 Instructor-created tutorials, 2 Instructor-created podcasts, 4 Instructor-created narrated content presentations, 2 Online quiz assessments, 1 Opportunity for Keytrain skills-based learning, 1 Assignment using Audacity to convey learning, 1 Assignment using Mindview to convey learning, 1 Assignment using unspecified slide presentation software; 1 Assignment using journal reflection, Dropbox available for all assignments Recommendations: Links to technology support beyond tutorials; video content resource; identify accessibility, software, and hardware requirements

6 21 ST C ENTURY S KILLS Strengths: Promotes higher ordered critical thinking skills, opportunities to develop self-reflection; includes dissemination of research; presentation skill development; technology-based creation for expression of learning Weaknesses: Collaboration opportunities not present; netiquette guidelines lacking; critical consumption of information guidelines unavailable Type and Frequency of 21 st Century Skills: Critical technology skills incorporated throughout the course; diverse tools for conveying learning; critical thinking used throughout course; career skills emphasized; reflection emphasized; presentation skills developed in numerous ways Recommendations: Incorporate opportunities for collaboration; develop skills for critical consumption of information

7 F INAL T HOUGHTS Overall, the course is very well done and utilizes many of the advantages of distance education. Content and learning experiences demonstrate solid pedagogical techniques. Incorporation of student collaboration would support the online community and provide important 21st century skills. The online classroom environment for middle grades education must also keep parental involvement in mind. It is important to include a course syllabus and method of communication. This will increase the accessibility and presence of the course instructor.

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