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Chapter 8 Sport Management

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1 Chapter 8 Sport Management
Organizing and Staffing

2 Coordinating for Success
A business can only be as good as the people it employs Human resources management consist of all activities involved with hiring , developing , and paying the individuals responsible for doing the organizations work.

3 What is important to an employee?
Brainstorm your thoughts

4 What is important to An employee?
The things that all employees are interested in : Salary Fringe Benefits Working hours Work place facility condition Quality of the co-workers Ability to advance in an organization Other?

5 Involves matching people with the best skills for each job.
Employment Involves matching people with the best skills for each job. Because training is expensive, selecting the best match for a job is financially important for a company. Internships are often the best method top get your foot in the door of an organization

6 Job Specifications This is a written list of all of the qualifications a worker needs to successfully complete the job “Often similar to a job description with the technical requirements needed to get the job done”

7 Resume’ A resume is a summary of an applicants previous and current job experiences . A cover letter explains why the applicant is qualified for the position and request an interview.

8 Class work Intermission Pages 191 and192

9 Improving Employee Performance
Orientation is the initial training to make new workers feel comfortable with their jobs and the organization. Staff development activites may include additional training with technology, new management, and being productive in the job.

10 Human Resource Departments
Are responsible to prepare the new employees for their job responsibilities.

11 Match Making Each person hired by a company has strengths that should be fully utilized. Coordinating requires the manager to match the best employee to the task that needs to be completed.

12 Employee Relations Human resource department assurs effective communication between employees and management. Labor unions often represent sports and entertainment industries. Unions bargain with management for their members wages, hours, and working conditions.

13 Employee Performance Is often evaluated in relation to the company’s mission Managers must evaluate the employees they supervise and work to improve performance.

14 360 Degree Feedback System
This system evaluates an employee based upon information form a range of people who have contact with the employee. These evaluators may be from inside or outside of the company

15 Promotions Promotions are based upon outstanding employee performance. Peers, customers, and suppliers may all contribute to the employees evaluation

16 Class work Ethics in Action Page 193 Intermission 194
Encore Page 195 # 1,2,3

17 NFL Labor Negotiations
What is presently happening in the NFL See classjump website below for the class assignment NFL labor Negotiations.docx NFL Labor Negotiations -Chapter 8 (13.08 KB) Use this document to support Chapter 8 employee and staffing curriculum

18 Networking and Delegating
Delegation is passing duties to another employee or team member with the expectation that the individual will complete the responsibility The person who delegates the job down to another worker is ultimately responsible for the quality of the work. If the work isn’t completed properly they must correct or suffer the repercussion of a substandard outcome.

19 Latest Trends in Business
Globalization Advanced Computer Technology Diversity in staffing Networking

20 Networking Networking involves creating and maitaining relationships that are beneficial to all participating parties A strong college alumni association and/or internship program offers early career networking opportunities for young professional

21 What Skills do Employers Need?
A strong work ethic A person who can act on their own Self direction Accountability Success is measured by the ability to find information, proces it, and use it.

22 What Skills do Employers Need?
Effective Communication Skills Decision- Making Skills Ability to work on a team

23 Focal Point Teams Are charged with working on each others goals to accomplish the mission and strategic objectives of the organization.

24 Management Careers in Sports and Entertainment
A career development program is a long-term organizational plan that includes a career path, effective communication, effective performance reviews, career counseling, and training and development.

25 Starting a Career Students interested in a sports program should seek job observation opportunities or internships Most management positions require either an undergraduate or a master’s degree.

26 Career Portfolio A portfolio is an organized collection of information and materials developed to tell a story about you. A portfolio should include clear descriptions of your achievements and career preparation. A portfolio is useful for conducting self-assessment and for selling your qualifications to prospective employers.

27 Qualifications for a Sports Management Career
Outstanding Organizational Skills (Sport Camp Organizer) Financial Management ( All management positions) Budgeting Skills (Athletic Directors for universities) Time Management(College Coaches) Awareness of NCAA Rules(College Coaches) Contracts and Legal Matters (Sport Agent)

28 Class Work Intermission 198 Intermission 199 Encore page 200 #1-5
Intermission top Intermission 202 bottom Intermission 204

29 Class Work Chapter 8 Review page 206 #1-13 Make Connections Page 208
#19,24 Quiz Chapter 8

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