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Stronger Economies Together Moving From Vision to Implementation Through Regional Collaboration Trish Kelly, Applied Development Economics October 10,

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1 Stronger Economies Together Moving From Vision to Implementation Through Regional Collaboration Trish Kelly, Applied Development Economics October 10, 2012

2 Regional Collaboration Models California Partnership for the San Joaquin Valley - a regional-state partnership (8 counties in Central California) Valley Vision – a six county regional collaborative in the Sacramento region

3 California Partnership for the San Joaquin Valley Created in 2005 by Governor’s Executive Order to address the region’s persistent economic, environmental and social challenges, and also opportunities 8 cabinet agencies and 8 counties, 62 cities Strategic Action Proposal (strategy) in 2006, implemented by 10 “New Valley” Work Groups California State University, Office of Community and Economic Development is the Secretariat

4 San Joaquin Valley

5 New Valley Work Groups/ Many Partners Advanced Communications Services (Broadband Consortium) Air Quality Economic Development Energy Health and Wellness Cluster Higher Education and Workforce Development Housing PreK-12 Education Sustainable Communities (including infrastructure) Water Quality, Supply and Reliability

6 The San Joaquin Valley: California’s “21 st Century Opportunity” Building New Foundations for Economic Prosperity Gaining Momentum and Moving Forward Capitalizing on the New Economic Paradigm 1991-2000 2001-2010 2011-2016 California Futures Institute transitions to Office of Community & Economic Development Entrepreneurship and New Venture Development program, CSU Fresno New Valley Connexions: ‘Economic Future of San Joaquin Valley’ (Great Valley Center with Trade & Commerce Agency) Central Valley Business Incubator California Partnership for the San Joaquin Valley (Strategic Action Proposal) Regional Jobs Initiative Lyles Center for Entrepreneurship, ICWT, WET CENTER, other CSU Centers Regional Blueprints Regional Policy Council Regional CEDS (CCVEDC) Fresno State Connect iHUB Partnership (Cal Valley Tech) Smart Valley Places Strong Cities, Strong Communities Workforce: Valley Legacy; CCWC: Public Infrastructure, Regional Industry Clusters of Opportunity (Health), Energy; C6 Grant (Community Colleges) Rural Development Center Economic Development District UC Research Institutes UC Merced SBDC Regional Network

7 Some Key Collaboration Initiatives and Successes Strong Cities/Strong Communities (HUD, USDA and other federal partners) and Sustainable Communities EDA-funded regional industry cluster Action Plan Broadband Consortium New Economic Development District Major Workforce and Education Grants aligned with major industry cluster (health, renewable energy, manufacturing/food processing, public sector infrastructure) Positioned for new Community Colleges and State Workforce Board initiatives for regional clusters/plans

8 Some Benefits of Regional Collaboration Regional Voice Significant leveraging of resources to support priorities and economic opportunities Better integration of systems (workforce, education, economic development) Making progress on challenging issues (air quality, water supply, educational attainment) Engagement of state, federal, business, philanthropic and other partners Connecting urban and rural areas

9 Valley Vision Mission: To shape regional solutions through civic engagement Civic leadership at a regional scale “Action Tank” – a vast network of people and organizations working to secure the social, environmental and economic health of the Sacramento region Serves as regional convener and connector The Bridge – does collaborative planning, objective problem solving, impartial research and information for sound decision-making

10 Valley Vision Project Portfolio: Next Economy: Capital Regional Prosperity Plan Regional Food Access Project: Food System Collaborative Capital Region Broadband Consortium Green Capital Alliance Cleaner Air Partnership Sustainable Communities: with COG 2013 Community Health Needs Assessment

11 Partners/Roles Valley Vision – Economic Strategy and Project Manager SACTO (Sacramento Area Commerce and Trade Organization – regional EDC) – Marketing and business recruitment SARTA (Sacramento Area Regional Technology Alliance – iHub – State Innovation Hub) – high tech business support and entrepreneurship Sacramento Metro Chamber of Commerce – business retention and expansion Other Key Partners – All Higher Education, Workforce Investment Boards, utilities, local governments, businesses, labor, non-profits, residents

12 Project Focus Call to Action: Accelerate Job Creation and New Investment in the Region “Designed to align regional economic activities and focus them for maximum impact through development of the Capital Region Prosperity Plan” Six Regional Clusters Developing a “common playbook for action” that ensures integration with partner organizations’ work plans, priorities and capabilities, and championed across all sectors of the region’s leadership – plan to be released end of October 2012

13 Project Goals – Regional Platform Foster a strong innovation environment Amplify the region’s global market transactions Diversify the economy through the growth and support of core business clusters Grow and maintain a world-class talent base Improve the regional business climate for economic growth

14 Eight Pillars of the Next Economy

15 Benefits of Regional Collaboration Increased regional identity Leader organizations collaborating instead of competing in areas of shared interest Leveraging of major federal, state and other investments (Levees, Smart Grid, Livable Communities, workforce, regional food systems, broadband consortium) Emerging competitive advantage of the clean tech/green tech sector (Green Capital Alliance) Rural Urban Connections Strategy (RUCS) - COG

16 Most Recent Benefit Leveraging the assets of U.C. Davis as part of the regional economic development strategy, through increased collaboration Received EDA i6 (innovation) grant for development of ag sustainability technology center – one of 6 in the country (second try) Supports Next Economy’s Agriculture and Food Cluster Brings new business partners to the table

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18 Other Contacts Mike Dozier, California Partnership for the San Joaquin Valley; Director, Office of Community and Economic Development, California State University, Fresno –, Trish Kelly, Principal, Applied Development Economics,,

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