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Careers in Health Science

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1 Careers in Health Science

2 Educational Requirements
Secondary education Refers to basic preparation in high school Includes Science, Social Studies, English, and Mathematics Health Occupations Education (HOE) Secondary vocational program in health occupations Can prepare students for immediate employment in many health careers

3 Types of Degrees Associate’s Degree Bachelor’s Degree
Vocational/technical school or community college Completed two-year course of study Bachelor’s Degree College or University Completed four-year course of study

4 Types of Degrees Master’s Degree Doctorate College or University
Completed one or more year beyond Bachelor’s Degree Doctorate Completed two or more years beyond Master’s Degree or several years after Bachelor’s Degree (can be 4-6 years)

5 Certification, registration, licensure
Issued by professional association or government agency that regulates a particular profession Ex: Certified Dental Assistant, Certified Medical Assistant

6 Dental Careers Basic job duties
Concerned with health of teeth and soft tissues of mouth Care directed toward: Preventing dental disease Repairing or replacing diseased or damaged teeth Treating gums or other supporting structures of the teeth

7 Dental Careers cont… Places of employment Private dental offices
Laboratories Clinics dental departments in hospitals, schools, health departments, government agencies

8 Dental Careers cont… Specialty Areas General dentistry
Endodontics - Treatment of disease of the vessels and roots of the teeth Orthodontics - Alignment or straightening of teeth Oral Surgery - Surgery on teeth, mouth, jaw Pedodontics - Dental treatment of children Periodontics - Treatment & prevention of disease of the gum and bone supporting the teeth

9 Dental Careers Levels of workers Dentist Dental hygienists Doctor
Examine teeth and mouth tissues Diagnose and treat disease and abnormalities Perform surgery Supervise work of others Dental hygienists Work under supervision of dentist Remove stains and deposits from teeth Expose and develop x-rays

10 Diagnostic Services Basic job duties Places of employment
Perform tests or evaluations Aid in detection, diagnosis, and treatment of disease, injury or other physical conditions Places of employment Hospital laboratories Private laboratories Doctors offices Clinics

11 Diagnostic Services Types of workers
Electrocardiograph (ECG or EKG) Technician Operate EKG machine Physicians use EKG to diagnose heart disease and to note changes in condition of the patient’s heart Experienced technicians can also perform stress test, Holter monitoring, and specialized cardiac tests

12 Diagnostic Services Electroencephalographic (EEG) technologists
Operate EEG to record electrical activity of the brain Phlebotomist Collect blood and prepare it for testing May perform blood test in some states

13 Diagnostic Services Radiologic technologist
Work with x-rays, nuclear testing, ultrasound and MRI Radiographers - Works with x-rays of the body Nuclear Medicine technologist - Prepares radioactive substances to administer to patients and then use film images on a screen to determine how substances pass through different parts of the body

14 Diagnostic Services Ultrasound techonlogist/sonographers: use equipment to send sound waves into body and record images produced on screen

15 Emergency Medical Services
Basic job duties Provide emergency pre-hospital care Provide care to victims of accidents, injuries, and sudden illness Places of employment Fire and police departments Rescue squads Ambulance service

16 Emergency Medical Services
Hospital or emergency rooms Life flight services Military

17 Emergency Medical Services
Level of workers Basic first aid training Formal EMT training EMT-B (Emergency Medical Technician-Basic) Provide basic care for wide range of illnesses EMT-D (Emergency Medical Technician-Defibrillator) EMT-B with additional training in basic life support Can administer defibrillation to certain heart attach victims

18 Emergency Medical Services
EMT-P (Emergency Medical Technician-Paramedic) Perform all basic duties of other levels Can perform endotracheal intubation Administer drugs Interpret EKG’s

19 Health Information and Communication Services
Maintain complete accurate patient records Distribute health information through medical illustrators, photographers, writers and medical librarians Use computers in almost all areas

20 Health Information and Communication Services
Types of workers Medical Records Administrators Medical records Unit Secretaries, Ward Clerks, or Unit Coordinators

21 Can you tell what this says?

22 Medical Careers Broad category that includes physicians and other individuals who work in any of the varied careers under physician supervision Involved with diagnosis, treatment, or prevention of diseases and disorders of human body

23 Medical Careers Places of employment Private Practices Clinics
Hospitals Public Health Agencies Research Facilities College or Universities

24 Medical Services Level of workers Physician (doctors) Examine patients
Make diagnosis Perform surgery Treat disease

25 Medical Services Classifications
Doctor of Medicine (MD) – Diagnosis, treat and prevent disease or disorder Doctor of Osteopathy (DO) – Place emphasis on nervous, muscular, and skeletal systems and the relationship between the body with the mind Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (DPM) – Examine, diagnose, and treat disease of the feet Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) – Concentrate on structures of the spine and nervous system

26 Medical Services Physicians Assistant (PA)
Works under supervision of physician Performs routine physical exams Does basic diagnostic test Takes medical histories Makes preliminary diagnosis Treats minor injuries

27 Medical Services Medical Assistant (MA)
Works under supervision of physician Prepares patients for examination Takes vital signs Assists with procedures and treatments Performs basic lab test

28 Mental and Social Services
Basic job duties Mental services workers deal with mental or emotional disorders or mental retardation Social workers help people deal with illness, employment, or community problems

29 Mental and Social Services
Places of employment Hospitals Psychiatric hospitals Home health agencies Public health departments Government agencies Counseling agencies Drug and alcohol agencies Prisons

30 Mental and Social Services
Psychiatrists (MD) Physicians who specialize in diagnosing and treating mental illness Psychologist Study human behavior Use knowledge to help individuals deal with problems of everyday living

31 Mental and Social Services
Social workers Assist patients who are unable to cope with various problems Help patients make adjustments to changes Assistants usually need one or more years of a Health Occupation Educational program

32 Mortuary Careers Basic job duties Level of workers
Preparation of the body Cremation or burial of the body Level of workers Funeral Director/Undertaker Embalmer Mortuary assistant

33 Nursing Careers Basic job duties Places of employment
Provide care for a patient under direction of a physician Places of employment Hospitals Rehabilitation/Long-term facilities Physicians office Schools – (School Nurse) Industry Education – (College, University, etc.)

34 Nursing Careers Level of workers Registered Nurses (RN)
Work under a licensed physician Provide total care to patients Administer meds and treatments Teach health care Supervise other nursing personnel

35 Nursing Careers Specialties after advanced education
Nurse Practitioner (CRNP) – Perform basic physical exams, order lab tests, refer patients, help set-up treatments, treat common illnesses Nurse Midwives (CNM) – Provide care for normal pregnancies, examine patient, perform routine test, deliver infant, monitor mother/infant Nurse Educators – Teach in Health Occupational programs, Schools of Nursing (College or University) Nurse Anesthetists (CRNA) – Administer anesthesia, monitor patients during surgery

36 Nursing Careers Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)
Work under physician or RN Provide patient care but not to the extent of an RN Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) Work under RN or LPN Provide care such as baths, bed-making, feeding, transfers, etc.

37 Nursing Careers Surgical Technician Work under RN or physician
Prepares the patient for surgery Sets up the operating room

38 Nutrition and Dietary Services
Dietitians Manage food service system Assess patients nutritional needs and plan menus Teach others proper nutrition Purchase food and equipment

39 Therapeutic Services Basic job duties
Use variety of treatments to help patients who are injured, physically disabled Direct treatment toward allowing patients to function at full capacity

40 Therapeutic Services Types of workers
Occupational Therapist (OT) – Help people with physical developmental disabilities. Use activities to assist a person in ADLs. Direct pt toward helping pts acquire independence. Pharmacists – Dispense medications on written orders from Physicians, Dentists. Provide information on drugs and correct ways to use them. Maintain drug records. Assess, plan and monitor drug usage.

41 Therapeutic Services Physical therapist (PT) – Provide treatment for disabling injury. Use exercise, massage. Promote health and prevent injuries. Physical therapist assistants (PTA) – Work under a therapist. Perform exercises and massage. Assist patients. Massage therapists – Use massage, body work and therapeutic touch to provide pain relief.

42 Therapeutic Services Respiratory therapists (RT) – Treat patients with heart and lung disorders. Administer oxygen, gases or medication. Athletic Trainers – Prevent and treat athletic injuries. Provide rehabilitation services. Teach proper nutrition. Apply tape or padding to protect body parts.

43 Support Services Engineers (Hospital Maintenance) Central Supply
Central Supply Assistant Central Supply Technician Central Supply Supervisor Central Supply Manager Dietetics

44 Veterinary Careers Basic description Level of workers
Work with all types of animals Level of workers Veterinarian (DVM or VMD) Animal Technician (ATR) Veterinarian Assistants

45 Vision Services Basic job duties Levels of workers
Provide care to prevent vision disorders. Levels of workers Ophthalmologists Optometrists Optometric Technicians Optician

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