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Selecting Media in Advertising. Advertising 2012 Cannes Sheet Take-up.

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1 Selecting Media in Advertising

2 Advertising 2012 Cannes Sheet Take-up

3 Advertising a form of communication, often paid, intended to persuade an audience to purchase or take some action upon products, ideas, or services. It includes: – the name of a product or service – how that product or service could benefit the consumer Used to persuade a target market to purchase or to consume that particular brand.

4 Advertising Yesterday – we brainstormed 8 different types of advertising – These advertisements were the “old school” ways to advertise We did not “new age” advertising techniques

5 Advertising Television/Movie Commercials Radio Magazines Newspapers Direct Mail Outdoor Internet Specialty – promotional goods (tote bags/t-shirts)

6 Advertising Forms we didn’t talk about Product placement – The paid placement of specific products into television shows and movies – Often used by the main character and communicating the benefit of the product – Example: Jack Bower using a Sprint Phone – Example: An exhausted Ryan Reynolds drinking a G2




10 Advertising Event Marketing – Putting on an event in the outside world that is “sponsored” by a brand or product – Can be planned out and known to the public weeks/months in advance Budweiser Camp weekend – Can be spontaneous Youtube Sprint Video

11 Advertising Viral Marketing – Use pre-existing social networks to increase brand awareness or increase sales – Facebook, Youtube, email – Some will flop and some will take off Everyone’s hope is to go “Viral” – Hope is that one friend will view and send the message along to 3 friends and they will send to 3 friends, etc.


13 Selecting Media Carousel Select A partner (we may have 1-2 groups of 3) There will be 11 stations around the classroom You and your partner will spend 2 minutes at each station and record: – Advantages to advertising – Disadvantages to advertising Read the piece of paper to what is on the paper – see if you can add information to what is already there

14 Selecting Media There are a number of factors used to choose a medium Reach – Any medium (like television) can provide statistics on the number of viewers – You want to reach the maximum number Frequency – The number of times the message is delivered – Radio is only once, a magazine is more

15 Selecting Media Selectivity – The ability to focus on a target market – To reach a special group it may be better to use a specialty magazine than general television advertising Durability – The length of time an advertisement lasts – 24 hours for a newspaper, none for television unless it is taped, weeks for a billboard

16 Selecting Media Lead-Time – The time necessary to prepare the ad – May be days or months Mechanical Requirements – Some types (like television) are quite complex and some (like newspaper) are simpler Clutter – This is the competition for the attention of the consumer (other ads, consumer activity, etc.)

17 Selecting Media Costs – Different types of ads vary in cost – Television ads may cost hundreds of thousands, while a newspaper ad very little

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