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O LD A GE. W HY R ETIRE ? Reasons for Not Retiring.

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2 W HY R ETIRE ? Reasons for Not Retiring

3 R EASONS W HY P EOPLE D ON ’ T R ETIRE Financial needs A desire to maintain benefits Wants to keep active Enjoys the work

4 Question 1 What major life changes do older people have to face? Are there specific life changes that older people that you know have had to face?

5 Question 2 Most people view growing old in a negative light with negative images. What negative images of aging have you seen on TV or in other media?

6 A TTITUDES T OWARD A GING Most attitudes are based on a decremental model of aging  idea that people decline physically and mentally with age Physical condition varies amongst elderly Negative views of the elderly are a form of prejudice known as ageism Stereotypes of old people: poor health, live in poverty, sit around and do nothing, inflexible, senile Truths: many old people lead active lifestyles and only 10% are senile do to disease, not aging

7 Question 3 Give some examples of famous people who have made important contributions to society in their older years.

8 C HANGES IN H EALTH Most people over 65 are in good health due to earlier years of healthy living About 40% of elderly have a one illness that will stay with them until death Four most common: heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and arthritis Major causes of death: heart disease, cancer, and stroke Quality of health care for elderly is not as good due to incorrect diagnosis and worse health care in nursing homes

9 Question 4 In current presidential elections, 72% of citizens 55 and older voted compared to only 47% of citizens between 18 and 24. Why do you think older Americans vote more than younger Americans?

10 C HANGES IN L IFE SITUATION Important life changes for older people are usually negative Loss of husband or wife Depression in common in older adults Some skills do decline

11 Question 5 Many consider old age as the “golden years”, but depression is very serious amongst older people. What kinds of life changes could lead to depression?

12 C HANGES IN S EXUAL A CTIVITY Stereotype: old people don’t have sex Majority of people over 65 with healthy partners enjoy sex into their 70s and 80s Society discourages sexual expression by older people Families oppose remarrying after the death of a parent

13 Question 6 Why do you think a healthy sex life might be important for older people?

14 A DJUSTING TO O LD A GE Organizations like AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) speak out on issues important to older people Mental ability does decline, but not as much as people think Mental disorders Senile dementia—decrease in mental abilities— memory loss, forgetfulness, and decline in ability to think Alzheimer’s disease—destroys people’s ability to think, remember, relate to others, and care for themselves There is no cure

15 Question 7 How do you think an older person’s life would change if he or she could no longer drive a car?

16 Question 8 Give an example of something that might be a warning sign of Alzheimer’s disease.

17 Question 9 How would you react if a doctor told you that you were dying? How would you feel? What thoughts would go through your head? What would be important to you at this time?

18 Question 10 Give an example of something the family usually does when someone dies

19 A DJUSTING TO D EATH Thanatology is the study of dying and death Five stages of psychological adjustments (Kubler- Ross) that people go through when they know they’re dying: 1. Denial 2. Anger 3. Bargaining with higher spirit 4. Depression 5. Accept Some stages are never reached A hospice is a facility designed to care for the special needs of the dying Home care is available to help make life as normal as possible

20 Question 11 Why might dying people prefer in-home care over care at a hospital or a hospice?

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