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August First Day of School Biology: Lecture 1.2

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1 August 2012 20 21 First Day of School 22 23 Biology: Lecture 1.2
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 20 21 First Day of School 22 23 Biology: Lecture 1.2 Worksheets Anatomy: Lecture 3-D Model 24 Lecture 1.3 27 Lecture 1.4 Microscope Label Vocabulary Test 28 Outside Lab Review Day 29 Microscope Lab Chapter 1 Test 30 Lecture 1.5 Lecture ch 2 Intro to Chem Worksheets (master test/Basic Chem) 31 No School

2 September 2012 3 No School 4 Biology: Review 1.1-1.4 Lecture 1.5
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 3 No School 4 Biology: Review Lecture 1.5 Stereo Pic slide show Anatomy: Lecture/WS Chemical Reaction 5 Review Day 2nd half of ch 1 test 6 Chpt 1 test Inorganic Compounds 7 Intro to Cell Assign 3-D cell organelles Lecture 3.1 Lecture/Worksheets Organic Compounds 10 WS: Microscope Parts Pre-lab: prepared slides Organ Project Presentations Lecture Organic Compounds Review Sheet 11 Microscope Lab Prepared Slides Worksheets due Review Day ch 2 SUB: Microscope Parts Quiz WS: Microscopy & Measurement Chpt 2 Test SUB: Biology Worksheet: Intro to cell Anatomy Movie: Howard Hughes Lectures Chapter 3 Genes, proteins, and small molecules 14 Lecture 3.3 Pre-Lab: Plant vs, Animal Lecture cell/plasma membrane/transport WS: Mastery Test 3 & 4

3 September 2012 17 Biology: Lab: Plant vs. Animal Lab Anatomy:
Lecture Cell Organelles WS: Exercise 4 SUB: Unknown Microscope Lab WS: Cell Structure Movie: Body Worlds 19 Lecture 3.2 Lecture: gene action/cell division WS: Cell Cycle 20 3-D organelles due Lecture: Cell diversity/Aging of Cells 21 Break Down 3-D cell Worksheets and Drawings Due Review Day 24 Chapter 3 Test 25 Unit 2 Test Lecture Chapter 4 Epithelial Tissue Worksheet: Master Test 5 Tissues Body Tissues 26 Review Cell Membrane Lecture 3.3 Passive Transport Demo: Diffusion Book Work: pg 84 #1/pg 87 #1,2 Lab Epithelial Tissue 27 Water Demos Glandular Epithelium Connective Tissue Cells/Fibers 28 Activity: Osmosis Flip Book Prelab: Egg Lab Lecture Classification of Connective Tissue

4 October 2012 1 Biology: Lab: Egg -Osmosis Anatomy:
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 1 Biology: Lab: Egg -Osmosis Anatomy: Microscope – Connective Tissue 2 Biology: Clean Up Egg Lab Lecture: 3.4 Worksheet: Cell Transport and Cell Cycle Connective Tissue due Lecture: Body Membranes Muscle Tissue Finish Connective Tissue Lecture: 3.5 Worksheet: 3.5 Studyguide Lecture: Nervous Tissue Tissue Repair Aging and Tissues 4 Review Day Microscope – Muscle and Nervous Tissue 5 Unit 3 Test Worksheets Tissues/Review Sheet Microscope Make Up Day 8 Lecture: Chemical Energy and ATP Worksheets Review Day 9 Lecture: 4.2 Photosynthesis Pre-lab: Chromatography WS: Why Leaves Change Color Unit 4 Test 10 Biology: Lab: Spinach: Chromatography Lecture: Skin 10/Epidermis & Skin Color Mastery Test: 6 Review Microscope Tissue Slides 11Biology: Lab Results Lecture: Photosynthesis WS: 4.2 Studyguide Lecture: Dermis & Hair Integumentary system WS Sun & Skin WS 12 Lab: Fall Leaf: Chromatography Microscope Lab Exam: Tissues

5 October 2012 15 Biology: Lecture: Overview of Cell Respiration WS:
4.4 study guide Chromotagraphy Lab Anatomy: Lecture: Glands/Nails Lab Exercise 10 16 Biology: Lecture: Fermentation diagram cell respiration study guide chapter assessment Photosynthesis & Cellular Respiration Lecture: Functions of Skin 17 Review Day overview of Photosynthesis/Respiration Review Sheet Lecture: Healing of Wounds/Aging Worksheets Due 18 Test Unit 4 19 Lecture: 5.5 Book Questions: pg 155 #2,3,4 Unit 5 Test Drawings Due 22 Biology: Extra Credit: Due Lecture: 6.1/5.2 Book Questions: pg 171 #1-3 Lecture: Functions/Types/Structure of Bones 23 Biology: Lecture: 6.6/6.1 Worksheet: Chromosome Lecture: Bone Formation Master Test WK 7 Skeletal System 24 Biology: Finish Lecture Karyotype Lab Lecture: Bone Remodeling/Fractures/Growth and Calcium Homeostasis/Exercise Lab Report 12 25 26 Biology: Common Assessment Test Unit 5 Lecture: Disvisions of Skeletal System/Skull Lab Exer 13 End of 1st 9 weeks

6 November 2012 29 Biology: Lecture: 5.4 Asexual Reproduction New Seats
Mitosis Wordsearch Anatomy: Skull Worksheets Lecture: Vertebral Column/Thorax 30 No School 31 Lecture: 5.1 Cell Cycle Worksheet: Cell Cycle Chicken Wing Lab 1 Activity: Mitosis: Lab Cell Division The Cell Cycle Lecture: Pectoral Girdle/Upper limb 2 Worsheet: Lecture: Pelvic Girdle/Lower Limb 5 Biology: Activity: Mitosis: Lab Worksheet Cell Division The Cell Cycle Anatomy: Review for Bone Tests 6 Worksheets Due 7 Sam Rhine Conference Biology & Anatomy: Movie: Lorenzo’s Oil & Worksheet P/T Conferences 8 No School 9

7 November 2012 12 Biology: Lecture: 6.2 Meiosis Phases of Meiosis
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 12 Biology: Lecture: 6.2 Meiosis Phases of Meiosis Outline of Meiosis Anatomy: Unit 6 Book Test Skeletons Due Skeleton Drawings Due 13 Activity: Meiosis: Knife/Fork Lab Meiosis Worksheet Activities: Bone Labeling Activity Review Skeleton Practical 14 Skeleton Practical 15 Lecture: 6.2 Gametogenesis Finish Labs Mitosis Worksheet Lecture: Synovial Joints: Movement Worksheet: Joints and Joint Movements 16 Review Day Movement Activity Joint Movement Worksheet due Lab Report 17 19 Test:Mitosis/Meiosis Lecture: Joints/Cartilagionous and Fibrous 20 Genetic Presentation MLA Format Lecture: Synovial Joint Structure 21 Movie: Lorenzo’s Oil Lecture: Knee and Aging Lab report & Master Test Due 22 No School 23

8 November 2012 26 No School 27 Biology: Lecture: Mendel and Heredity
Mendel’s conclusions Anatomy: Joint Test 28 Biology: Lecture: Traits Genes and Alleles Monohybrid Cross Testcross Worksheet: Bikini Bottom Genetics Activities: Autopsy Lab Skeletal Muscle Fiber Type & Location Muscle Labeling 29 Biology: Practice Monohybrid Crosses Incomplete/Codominance & Multiple Alleles Worksheet: Bikini Bottoms Incomplete Anatomy: Pig: Set Up Unit 8 Worksheets Microscopic muscle anatomy Master Test 30 Review:Monohybrid/Testcross/Dominance/Multiple Alleles Sex Linkage Bikini Bottom Genetics 2 Lecture: Overview of Muscular Tissue & Skeletal Muscle Tissue 3 Biology: Quiz Review: Monohybrid/Testcross/Dominances Dihybrid Cross Anatomy: Lecture: Contraction and Relaxation of Skeletal Muscle 4 Biology: Review: Monohybrid/Testcross/Dominances/MultipleAlleles/Linkages/Dihybrid Worksheet: Genetics Problems Skin Pigs 5 Biology: Review: Mono & Dihybrid/Testcross/Dominances/Blood Type & Linkage Lecture: 7.2 Trihybrid Cross Lecture: Metabolism of Skeletal Muscle Tone 6 Biology: Review Day Review Worksheet 7 Multiple Choice/Short Answer Test unit 7 Lecture: Control of Muscle Tension Muscle Structure

9 December 2012 10 Biology: Punnett Square Test Anatomy:
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 10 Biology: Punnett Square Test Anatomy: Lecture: Cardiac/Smooth/Aging/How Muscles Produce Movement 11 Biology: Worksheets: Shuffling Genes Skin Pigs 12 Biology: Mosaic Cats Observing Human Traits Lecture: Skeletal Muscles 13 Biology: DNA Song Lecture: 8.2 World of Genetics & DNA and Genes Wordsearch Worksheets & Drawings Due 14 Biology: Finish Lorenzo’s Oil Muscle Book Test 17 Biology: Activities: Build DNA garland molecule/worksheet Review Midterm Review For Mid Term Exam 18 Biology: Anatomy: Pig: Superficial Muscles – Ventral pg 23 Thoracic/Abdominal 19 Biology: Record DNA Song Movie: GATTACA Pig: Superficial Muscles – Ventral Thigh/Shoulder/Neck 20 Mid Term Exam 21 Exam Make Up Day

10 January 2013 31 No School 1 2 Biology: Review 8.2 Structure of DNA
Lecture: 8.3 DNA Repiclation Anatomy: Lecture: Overview of Nervous System Chapt 9 3 Review - DNA & Replication Pig: Superficial Muscles – Lateral pg 29 Shoulder/Rib Cage/Forelimb/Lower Foreleg 4 Activity: DNA Candy Model/Replication Organization of Nervous System 7 Biology: Anatomy: Presentations Genetic Disorders 8 9 10 11 Pig: Lateral pg 29 Hip/Thigh/

11 January 2013 14 Biology: Practice: DNA Replication
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 14 Biology: Practice: DNA Replication Lecture: 8.4 Transcription Worksheet: Color Transcription section Anatomy: Lecture: Action Potentials Marine Biology: Activities: Welcome Intro to project – Fav organism 15 Practice:Replication/Transcription Lecture: 8.5 Translation WS: Coloring & Sentence Frames Anatomy:Superficial Pig: Lower Hindleg Superficial – Dorsal pg 36 Neck/Shoulder Flipped: Chpt 1 Assign Textbook – Marine Lab Webpage 16 Practice: Replication/Transcription/Translation/Protein Assembly Lecture: 8.6 Gene Expression/Regulation Snork DNA DNA Dry Lab Synaptic Transmission Activities:Intro to Fish Drawings/Labeling of Fish Tour of Classroom 17 Correct Sentence Frames Review: Unit 8 Review sheet Deep Muscle – Ventral pg 38 Thigh Activity: Species Account ForFar Field Station Video-Youtube Show and Tell (Rak – Hawaii) 18 Unit 8 Test Notebooks due Worksheets Due Drawing Due Marine Lab Research Fish ID

12 January 2013 21
No School 22 Biology: Process Test Unit 8 Anatomy: Pig: Deep Muscle – Ventral pg 38 Deep Muscles Ventral/Dorsal pg 43 Shoulder/Thorax Marine Biology: Presentation Marine Lab Show and Tell (Bahamas) 23 Lecture: 8.7 Mutations Worksheet Gene Mutations Worksheet Chapter 9 Test Movie: Marine Careers Activities: Sea Grant Webpage Slideshow Discussion of Salaries Assign Career Presentation 24 Chromosome Mutation Worksheet: DNA CrossWord Deep Muscles pg 46 Lumbar/Sacral Muscle Labeling Ch 1Test Flipped: Chapter 3 Activity: Work on Career Presentation 25 7.4 Human Genetics/Pedigree Pedigree Chart Ch 10 Spinal Cord Structure Spinal Nerves USGS Wegener’s Puzzling Evidence Worksheet

13 February 2013 28 Biology: Activities: Pedigree Chart Anatomy: Lecture:
Spinal Cord Functions Brain Parts and Coverings Brain Blood Supply Marine Biology: Tank: Group A Flipped: ch 3 Worksheet: Label oceans & seafloor spreading Work on Career Presentation 29 5.3 Regulation of Cell Cycle Pig: Review Pig Muscles Muscle Labeling Activity: Making an Ocean Floor Profile Prepare Matchmaker fundraiser 30 Review Unit 9 review sheet Worksheet Chromosome and Gene Mutation Brainstem Diencephalon Finding Nemo “Lets name the zones” Label the Ocean Zones Sentence strips (Euphotic, Dysphotic, Aphotic) 31 Unit 9 Test Notebooks due Core Sampling Edible Tectonics 1 10.1- Early Ideas About Evolution Worksheets Testing Hypothesis Spontaneous Generation Pasteur’s Experiments Cerebellum Cerebrum Fish ID Due Fish ID Quiz Assign Fish #2

14 February 2013 4 Biology: Lecture:
10.2/3 – Darwin’s Observations/Theory of Natural Selection Worksheets Comparing Mechanisms of Evolution Finches in Galapagos Anatomy: Sensory/Motor & Association Areas Lateralization Memory Marine Biology: Tank Group B Work on careers 5 SUB Movie: GATTACA Activity: Tsunami Video 6 Evidence of Evolution Worksheet: Comparing Observation of Body Parts Pig: Review Pig Muscles Career Presentation 7 11.2 – Natural Selection in Populations Worksheets: Variation in Populations Pig Muscle Lab Practical Ch 3 Test 8 11.6 -Patterns of Evolution Bookwork: pg pg 309 1, 3-4 pg , 4 pg Sleep Cranial Nerves Aging and Nervous System Worksheets Due Master Test Lab Report 29 Drawings Due Flipped: ch 4 Wave Bottle

15 February 2013 11 Biology: Review Unit 10 review sheet Anatomy:
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 11 Biology: Review Unit 10 review sheet Anatomy: Fire Drill Marine Biology: Tank Group A & B Prep tanks for new critters 12 Biology: Unit 10 Test notebooks due Ch 10 Test Activity: Properties of Light and Sound in Ocean Light - Seichi disk - Sounds - Ocean Geology 13 Lecture: 17.1 Linnaean System of Classification Worksheets: Analyzing Relationships Fun w/ Fictitious Animals Lecture: ch 11 Comparison of Somatic and Autonomic Nervous Systems Activities: New critters Fundraisers 14 Lecture: 12.6 Flipbook Primate Evolution Classification wordsearch Pig: Brain and Spinal Cord Movie: Jellies and other Drifters - Worksheet 15 Primate Evolution Activity: Opposable thumb Compare Human Proteins Study of Human origins Lecture: Structure of the Autonomic Nervous System Fish ID Due Fish ID Quiz Assign Fish #3

16 February 2013 18 No School 19 Biology: Review Lecture: 12.6
Worksheets: Hypotheses of Hominid Evolution Fossil Evidence of Hominid Evolution Anatomy: Pig: Oral Cavity Marine Biology: Tank B Activity: Welcome to the Fair Harbor Mall 20 Lucy Movie worksheet Primate Evolution Lecture: Functions of the Autonomic Nervous System Ch 4 Test 21 Review Unit 11 review sheet Taxonomy, classification & Key Abdominal & Thoracic Cavity Tracheotomy Ms. Boyd Microbial Discovery Activity Flag Line Meeting After School room 119 22 Unit 11 Test Notebooks due Chapter 11 Test Flipped: ch 6 Hydrothermal Vent Food Web

17 March 2013 25 Biology: 3rd CA Lecture: 13.1
Ecologists study relationships Activity: Biome Map Assign Ecosystem Children’s Book Anatomy: Lecture: Overview of Sensations Worksheets ch 12 master test The senses Marine Biology: Tank A Movie: Mysterious Microbes 26 Pep Assembly Human Classification Lecture: 13.2 Biotic and Abiotic Factors Worksheets: Principles of Ecology Crossword Dichotomous key Somatic Senses Acitivity: Movie – Window to the Sea Coloring (V) 27 Biology: Review 13.1 &2 Lecture: 13.3/13.4 Energy in Ecosystems Food Web/Chain Worksheet: Food Web Somatic Sensory Pathway Somatic Motor Pathway Special Senses – Olfaction Datamatch Fundraiser Flipped: ch 7 Examples: Algae Movie – Fish of Kelp Forest 28 Lecture: 13.4 Trophic Levels Biomagnification Ecological Pyramids Special Senses – Gustation & Hearing Structure of Ear Middle Ear Worksheet The ear There are algae in your house 1 Lecture: 14.1 Species Interactions Species Interaction: Real World Special Senses – Hearing Inner Ear Physiology of Hearing Auditory Pathway Fish ID Due Fish ID Quiz Assign Fish #4

18 March 2013 4 Biology: Lecture: 14.1 Habitat and Niche Worksheet:
Ecology of Organisms Anatomy: Lecture: Special Senses – Physiology of Equilibrium & pathways Vision Accessory Structures of the Eye Worksheet The eye Marine Biology: Ch 6 Test Tank B 5 Review Unit 12 Review sheet Children’s Book Due Special Senses – Vision Layers of the Eyeball Interior of the Eyeball Activity: Algae in your house Mangrove Narration 6 Unit 12 Test Notebooks due Lens Image Formation Refraction of Light Rays Accommodation Flipped: ch 8 Sponge Intro PP Sponge Examples Prep Sponge Lab Coral Reef Narration 7 Biology: Movie: Human Population Data Collection Poster Board Constriction of the Pupil Convergence Stimulation of Photoreceptors The Visual Pathway Sponge Lab Sponges Coloring 8 Groupwork Optical Illusions Taste Lab Ch 7 Test

19 March 2013 11 OGT: Biology: OGT Review Anatomy: Worksheets due
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 11 OGT: Biology: OGT Review Anatomy: Worksheets due Drawings due Poster Display Communicable Disease Marine Biology: Presentation Favorite organism Flag Line Tryouts Fundamentals 12 OGT: Human Population Graph due mods 3-4 Cow Eye Dissection 13 Human Population Graph due mods 5-6 Chapter 12 Test Activity: Cnidaria Intro PP Importance/Threats to Coral Reefs Routine 14 Human Population Graph due mods 1-2 Sea Anemone & Coral Reef Lab 15 Lecture: ch 13 Introduction Chemistry Hormones Flipped: ch 9 Mollusk Intro PP Assign Diving Adventure Project End of 3rd 9-weeks

20 March 2013 18 Biology: Lecture: Population Density and Distribution Flipbook Dispersion Worksheet: Taxonomy, Classification, and Key Anatomy: Nervous Activity Lecture: Control of hormone secretions Hypothalamus & Anterior Pituitary Anterior Pituitary Hormone hGH Marine Biology: Ch 8 Test Tank B Flag Line Tryouts Review 19 Biology: Lecture: Population Growth Patterns Population Biology Lecture: 7 Anterior Pituitary hormones Posterior Pituitary Activity: Clam dissection 20 Lecture: 14.5 Ecological Succession Interpreting Ecological Data Communicable Disease Test Incredible Suckers Movie/Worksheet 21 Review Unit 12 review sheet Population Crossword Thyroid & Parathyroid Adrenal Cortex & Medulla Squid dissection 22 Unit 13 Test notebooks due Pancreatic Hormones Ovaries/Testes, Pineal Gland Fish ID Due Fish ID quiz Assign Fish #5

21 April 2013 1 Biology: Lecture: 16.2 Activity: Pg: 492 1-4 Anatomy:
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 1 Biology: Lecture: 16.2 Activity: Pg: Anatomy: Lecture: Other Hormones Stress & Aging Marine Biology: Arthropoda Intro PP Tank A 2 Lecture: 16.4 What are the Health Impacts of air pollution Worksheets & Drawings Due Crayfish dissection 3 Lecture: 16.5 Movie: Lorax: Interpreting Events and Meaning Ch 13 Test Echinoderm Intro PP Annelid Intro PP 4 Review Unit 14 review sheet Crabs of Christmas Island Movie 5 Unit 14 Test notebooks due Lecture: ch 14 Functions of Blood Components of Whole Blood Composition of Plasma Ch 9 Test

22 April 2013 8 Biology: Lecture: 18.1/18.2 Activity:
You Tube (Flu Attack) Crossword Puzzle Anatomy: Lecture: Formation of Blood Cells Formed Elements - Red Blood Cells Marine Biology: Tank B Flipped: ch 10 (Jawless fish) Fish Intro PP Lamprey viewing 9 Lecture: 18.1 Lytic/Lysogenic cycles Retroviruses Lytic/Lysogenic Worksheets Formed Elements – White Blood Cells Flipped: ch 10 (Cartilaginous Fish) Shark ID Dichotomous Key 10 Lecture: 18.3 Viral Disease and Prevention Worksheet: 18.1 Formed Elements - Platelets Blood Clotting Shark ID Worksheet Shark Poster 11 SUB ABO Blood Types Gyotaku Intro reading 12

23 April 2013 Location and Coverings of the Heart Heart Wall
15 Biology: SUB Anatomy: Marine Biology: Tank A 16 Lecture: 18.4 Archaeabacteria Eubacteria shapes Eubacteria Structure Activity: Identifying Unknown Bacteria Classification of Bacteria Shapes Lecture: ABO Blood Groups Transfusions Worksheets & Drawings Due Fish ID Due Fish ID Quiz Assign Fish #6 17 Gram -/+ bacteria Examples Genetic Recombination Worksheets: pg 16 & 8 Chapter 14 Test Flipped: ch 10 (Bony Fish) Fish Intro PP 18 Review Unit 15 review sheet Worksheet: pg 93 Chapter 15 Worksheets Coelocanth Movie 19 Lecture: 18.5/6 Lecture: Chapter 15 Structure and Organization of the Heart Location and Coverings of the Heart Heart Wall Chambers of the Heart Great Vessels of the Heart Fish Lab: Color & Sounds

24 April 2013 22 Biology: Unit 15 Test notebooks due Anatomy:
Lecture: Ch 15 Structure Heart Valves of Heart Blood Flow & Blood Supply Marine Biology: Tank B Activity: Perch Dissection 23 Lecture: 23.1 Animal Characteristics Animal Symmetry Draw & Label animal examples Conduction System of Heart Pacemaker Electrocardiogram Shark Dissection 24 Lecture: 23.2 Animal Diversity Embryology Animal Development Worksheets Regulation of Cardiac Cycle Cardiac Output Exercise and the Heart Ch 10 Test 25 Review: Unit 16 Review Sheet Data Collection Practice Sheep Heart Dissection Flipped: ch 11 Reptile Intro PP Snakes Crocodiles Iguanas 26 Unit 16 Test Worksheets and Drawings Due Fish ID Due Fish ID Quiz Sea Turtles

25 May 2013 29 Biology: Lecture: 23.3 Sponges Activity:
Investigating Sponge Worksheet Anatomy: Chapter 15 Test Marine Biology: Sea turtle stranding Sea turtle identification Turtle migration Tank A 30 Lecture: Cnidarians & Ctenophora Body Structure of Sponges & Cnidarians Crossword Lecture: 16 Blood Vessel Structure & Function Capillaries Flipped: Ch 11 Intro to birds PP Penguin World Species ID Penguin YouTube 1 Review: 23.3 Review sheet Ocean Drifters movie Drawing Notebook Venules & Veins Blood flow through blood vessels Presentation Diving Adventure Bird Worksheets 2 Sponge & Cnidarian Test notebooks due Arterial Blood Pressure Circulatory Routes Systemic & Pulmonary Circulation Movie – Penguins – The birds that wanted to be fish 3 Lecture: Mollusks Gastropoda & Pelecypoda Pre-lab: Clam Dissection Hepatic & Fetal Circulation Checking Circulation Aging & Cardiovascular system

26 May 2013 6 Biology: Activity: Clam dissection Anatomy: Worksheets Due
Marine Biology: Ch 11 Test Reptiles Birds Tank B 7 Lecture: Mollusks Cephalopoda Worksheets: & Structure of a Clam, Snail, and Squid Ch 16 Test Finish Ch 11 Test 8 Squid dissection Pulse Rate & Blood Pressure Flipped ch 12 Intro to mammals PP Order: Cetacea Order: Carnivora Order: Sirenia 9 Movie: Incredible Suckers Sleepy Reactions 10 Lecture: Annelida Oligochaeta Activtity: Chapter Assessment Worksheet It’s No Fun Being on Restriction Book Turn In Movie: The Manatee Story

27 May 2013 13 Biology: Activity: Earthworm dissection Anatomy:
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 13 Biology: Activity: Earthworm dissection Anatomy: Review for Exam What Kind of Smart Are You? Marine Biology: Review for Exam Tank A 14 Lecture: Annelida Polychaeta Hirudinea Yoganatomy Movie: Aliens of the Deep 15 Review: 23.4 Review sheet Book Collection Movie: Life - Fish 16 Mollusk & Annelid Test notebooks due Finding Nemo 17 Arachnopobia Senior Science Exam

28 May 2013 20 Biology: Activity: Little Mermaid Marine Biology: 21 22 23
EXAM: 9:45-10:45 24 MAKEUP EXAMS

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