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Radiation tests in Padova

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1 Radiation tests in Padova
Giovanni Busetto, Alessandro Paccagnella INFN and Università di Padova

2 Presentation Radiation facilities at the INFN National Laboratories of Legnaro (LNL-INFN): dedicated ion beam line at the TANDEM accelerator microbeam at the AN-2000 accelerator X-ray facility

3 Dedicated ion beam line
TANDEM accelerator, LNL- INFN

4 Scattering Chamber LNL-INFN

5 Beam Line Characteristics
Device under radiation inside the vacuum chamber (< mbar) Electrical connections via feedthrough: D-type connector with 50 pins and 16 BNCs Under development: wireless connection Ion fluence measurements: Si diodes (low ion currents) Faraday cup (high ion currents)

6 Ions already used

7 Available Ions List of ions available at the TANDEM accelerator:
H, Li, B, C, N, O, F, Mg, Al, Si, P, S, Cl, Ca, Ti, Cr, V, Fe, Ni, Cu, Zn, Ge, Se, Br, Zr, Mo, Ag, I, Au Only Se and Mo have not been tested yet

8 Radiation tests performed
GLAST: test of ASIC (July 2001) / measurement of SEU sensitivity of 5 shift register types Si Microstrip detectors and associated read-out electronics CMOS elementary components (MOS, MOSFETs) Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) FLASH EPROM memories III-V solar cells and components (MESFETs, HEMTs) ...

9 Test Circuit (FPGA)

10 Test circuit (PCB) 14 MHz EPC1K8 EPF10K100 26c31 80 m
Device under beam

11 Irradiation with 109 MeV O ions,
LET=2.85 MeV cm2/mg

12 Irradiation with 109 MeV O ions,
LET=2.85 MeV cm2/mg

13 Weibull fit: F(L)=Fsat (1- exp{-[(L-L0)/W]s}) Fsat=3.1·10-2 cm2 L0=0.1 MeV · cm2/mg W=32 s=5

14 Other facilities Microbeam at the AN-2000 accelerator:
H and He ions, 2 MeV maximum rastered area 2x2 mm2 (max) beam current <10 pA spot size < 2 mm first tests (May 2001) on FPGAs X-ray facility under installation

15 X-ray Semiconductor Irradiation Facility
System characteristics: • The system is composed of a X-ray machine (Seifert RP149) and an 8 inch wafer probe. • Dose rate variable between 10 rad/s and 800 rad/s (for radiation tolerance studies) . • Diameter of the X-ray beam up to 1 cm in standard use conditions. • Maximum power supply voltage: 60 kV. • Maximum tube current: 60 mA (at 50 kV maximum).

16 X-ray Semiconductor Irradiation Facility
• The system will be assembled at INFN National Laboratory of Legnaro (Padova) November 21th 2001. • The facility will be ready for operation before the end of 2001.

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