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The New Grade 8 Global Studies Standards Presented by Michelle Leba Washington Technology Magnet School Information can be found.

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1 The New Grade 8 Global Studies Standards Presented by Michelle Leba Washington Technology Magnet School Information can be found at

2 Slide 2 Legislative History: 2003 and later Profile of Learning repealed Commissioner required to create rigorous academic standards (Minn. Stat. §120B.02) Social studies standards created in 2004 Course credit requirements identified in all subjects (to begin with graduating class of 2007-2008) Commissioner forbidden to develop statewide assessments for academic standards in social studies, health and physical education, and the arts (120B.30, subd. 1a) 2

3 Slide 3 Standards Review Cycle Standards Review Cycle Review Implement Standards Review 2006-07Math 2010-112015-16 2007-08Arts 2010-112016-17 2008-09Science 2011-122017-18 2009-10Language Arts 2012-13 2018-19 Phy. Ed. (NASPE standards) 2012-13 2010-11Social Studies 2013-142019-20 Health, World Languages, and Career and Technical Education to be reviewed on a locally determined cycle. (Minn. Stat. § 120B.023) 3

4 Slide 4 Goals and Assumptions Revised Standards must be aligned with the knowledge & skills needed for college and career readiness Reduce number of Standards and benchmarks Provide a grade-specific scope and sequence for all social studies disciplines

5 Slide 5 Goals and Assumptions As required by state statute, benchmarks are identified for each specific grade level in grades K- 8 rather than clusters of grades or grade bands High school standards will remain in a single 9-12 grade band. Integrate social studies disciplines in grades K-8

6 Slide 6 New state mandate: grade- specific standards K-8 2004 2011 Grade-banded standards  Grade-specific standards All Minnesota students will be covering the same standards at the same grade level in gr. K-8 Provides a consistent educational experience for students who transfer from one district to another

7 Slide 7 The New Minnesota Social Studies Standards Continues to be finalized Implementation begins in 2013-2014 school year, but may be delayed

8 Slide 8 Assumption: specific content U.S. History will include Minnesota History at grade 6. Geography will include Geographic Information Systems in grades 7-12. Economics will include personal finance and/or financial literacy. 8

9 Slide 9 Definitions Standard A general goal or summary description of student learning in a content area; Benchmark (Minn. Stat. § 120B.023) Specific “academic knowledge and skills schools must offer and students must achieve to satisfactorily complete a state standard” by the end of that grade level or grade band Used to inform and guide parents, teachers, school districts and others and for use in developing tests 9

10 Slide 10 1. Gap analysis: MN standards/other state standards & national reports 2. First draft 3. Public review and comment period: February 25-March 14 Online feedback Town meetings- March 2, 7, 8, 10 (Fergus Falls, Marshall, Duluth, Roseville) Targeted feedback 4. Second draft 5. Expert reviews: April 8- April 20 6. Third draft 7. Second Public Comment period: April 29- May 8 8. Targeted Group Meetings 9. Commissioner approves draft 10. Posting on MDE website 11. Rulemaking process 10 Standards Review Process

11 Slide 11 Standards Review Committee Committee members were selected by the commissioner 10 committee meetings 32 of the 45 committee members were K-12 teachers Each member on two teams: grade level & discipline Led by committee co-chairs (postsecondary and K-12) named by commissioner David Lanegran Tony Filipovitch Aaron Nelson Teresa Ponessa Endorse final draft of revised standards; submit it for commissioner’s approval 11

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14 Slide 14 High School Required Course Credits (3.5 Credits) Social Studies DisciplinesCourse Credits U.S. History1.0 World History1.0 Geography.5 Economics.5 Government & Civics.5

15 Slide 15 Reading the Standards: An Example 4: Grade 3: Strand Geography 6: Sub strand The World in Spatial Terms 1: Standard Maps and globes are used to display and analyze Geographic Information 2: Benchmark Demonstrate the ability to use latitude and longitude to locate places

16 Slide 16 Anchor Standards for Geography The World in Spatial Terms Places and Regions Human Systems Human Environment Interaction The Uses of Geography Citation: National Geography Standards, Geography Education Standards Project. 1994. Geography for Life: The National Geography Standards. Washington D.C.: National Geographic Society Committee on Research and Exploration.Geography for Life: The National Geography Standards

17 Slide 17 The World In Spatial Terms 1. People use maps and other geographic representations, tools, and technologies to acquire, process, and report information from a spatial perspective. 2. People use geospatial technologies to analyze problems and make decisions within a spatial context.

18 Slide 18 Places and Regions 3. Places have physical and human characteristics. 4. People create regions to interpret Earth's complexity.

19 Slide 19 Human Systems 5. The characteristics, distribution, and migration of human populations on Earth's surface influence human systems. 6. The characteristics, distribution, and complexity of Earth's cultural mosaics influence human systems. 7. Cooperation and conflict among people influence the division and control of Earth's surface. 8. The processes, patterns, and functions of human settlement influence human systems.

20 Slide 20 Human Environment Interaction 9. Human actions modify the physical environment. 10. Physical systems affect human systems. 11. The meaning, use, distribution, and importance of resources changes over time.

21 Slide 21 The Uses of Geography 12. People apply geography to solve problems and plan for the future.

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