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6 th Grade Explorers Mr. Mickley’s World Geography.

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1 6 th Grade Explorers Mr. Mickley’s World Geography

2 Mr. Mickley Sixth year of teaching Five years with Parkway Alternative Credit Experience (PACE) At-risk students assigned for academic and behavioral concerns United States Marine Corps Four years Active, One year Reserve Dot-com and Real Estate Industry Five years Masters in Secondary Teaching and Inquiry and Bachelors in History Maryville University Working on 2 nd Masters in International Relations Webster University

3 World Geography Focuses on the study of the world's people, places, and environments Highlights Asia Europe North and South America Africa Middle East Oceania Begins with introduction to geography focusing on the Five Themes of Geography Place, Region, Location, Movement, and Human/Environmental Interaction), along with basic geographic skills

4 World Geography (cont.) Overview of the U.S. and Canada used as basis of comparison for the study of the world. For each region/continent, students explore: Political Geography Physical Geography Cultural Geography Historical Geography Texts, maps, globes, graphs, pictures, stories, diagrams, charts, guest speakers, and a variety of geographic skills Students consider the relationships between people and places while asking and answering geographic questions.

5 6th Grade Supply List Combination Lock (No Master Lock 1500 iD Speed Dial combination Locks) Pencil pouch or box Handheld pencil sharpener 1” binder (For math) 5 plastic tabs (For math) 3 composition books ( 1 for Science and 2 for Communication Arts) 2 packages wide-ruled loose leaf paper 2 wide-ruled spiral notebook (For Communication Arts and Math) One 5 subject spiral notebook (For World Geography) 1 two-pocket plastic folders (Communication Arts ) 1 highlighter 48 #2 pencils Scissors Colored pencils (8 or 12 pack) Calculator (for use at home) 2 boxes of tissues Flash drive Planner 1 cube 3x3 post it notes (will be collected in Communication Arts) 1 dry erase marker (will be collected) 15 glue sticks (5 for Comm. Arts – 5 for Science – 5 for World Geo will be collected) Scotch Tape (will be collected)

6 Citizenship Comes to class prepared Supplies, homework, textbook, other materials Participates in class activities Homework turned in on time Respects others Not tardy to class

7 Everything Else… Stay on top of Infinite Campus for grades, missing assignments Check your student’s planner or the website to ensure there is “no homework.”website Other questions: Call at 314-415-5307 If not here, leave a detailed message Email at

8 Orientation Tomorrow Students need: Schedule Lock for locker Half of their supplies

9 Questions?

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