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Grapevine High School CLASS OF 2019 Colleyville Heritage High School.

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1 Grapevine High School CLASS OF 2019 Colleyville Heritage High School

2 Cathy Lamb A-B Marland May C-Ga Mandy Ozuna Gb-Ko Gail Madden Kp-Ni Mary Parsley Nj-Si Mariella Alvarado Sj-Z YOUR GHS COUNSELORS A-B C-Ga Gb-Ko Kp-Ni Nj-Si Sj-Z

3 Chansi Shope Claudia McWhorter Amanda Vargas Stephanie Cook Erin Booher Lindsey Hopkins YOUR CHHS COUNSELORS A-Col Com-Harr Hart-Mas Mat-Ram Ran-Val Van-Z

4  Program of Studies Book - Available online. Program of Studies Book Program of Studies Book  Course Selection Sheet- brought by high school counselors on middle school visit day  Skyward Logins – Provided by middle school counselors.

5 ADDITIONAL HELPFUL RESOURCES AVAILABLE ON THE COUNSELOR’S WEBSITE : INCOMING FRESHMEN AND NEW STUDENT INFORMATION PAGE Clubs and Organizations Clubs and Organizations Important Dates Important Dates Athletic Options and Contacts Athletic Options and Contacts PAP, AP & GT Information PAP, AP & GT Information

6 Visit our websites for additional information: GHS Counseling Website CHHS Counseling Website

7 Step 1: Students request courses (Feb. 9-13) Step 2: Administration builds Master schedule Step 3: Students create schedule through Skyward Student Access during a designated window of time. (May 11-13)

8 Choose course requests wisely! The courses you request in February determine the classes you may register for in spring. If you choose not to create a schedule. One will be created for you.


10 Choose classes that will challenge you, but not overwhelm you. Choose classes based on your endorsement and interests NOT what classes your friends are choosing. Gains in G.P.A and class rank come from a combination of challenging courses AND good grades. Talk to your teachers for advice!

11 Pre-Advanced (PAP) courses are designed to prepare students for the entry into Advanced Placement (AP) courses and to meet the unique needs of qualified students. Basic content is the same as the regular course, but instruction allows for more in-depth and accelerated pacing. Preparation time (outside of school) is estimated to be 1- 1 ½ hours per class period. PRE-AP/AP CLASSES

12 Please review the many different elective choices available in the Program Of Studies. A description of and prerequisites for each course are available and can help you make choices about classes that will be of interest to you. The Program of Studies is online. (

13 REQUIRED COURSES- ENGLISH Please mark the English class that you wish to take next year.  English I on-level  English I PAP  Global Studies GT


15 Please mark the Science class that you wish to take next year. You must have taken biology 1 in 8 th grade to take chemistry. -Biology I -Biology 1 PAP -Chemistry 1 -Chemistry 1 PAP


17  Professional Communications -.5 credits  Health -.5 credits  Fine Arts – 1 credit  Foreign Language – 2 credits (3 for Distinguished Plan)  Technology – 1 credit  Physical Education – 1 credit  Electives – 4.0 (3 for Distinguished Plan) ADDITIONAL REQUIRED COURSES

18 OTHER LANGUAGES  Levels I and II of the same language (State Recommended)  Levels I, II, and III of the same language ( DAP) Any language other than English

19 COURSES & ALTERNATES  Make sure to fill in enough courses to make a full 8 period schedule (16 semesters).  You must enter a total of 5 credits (10 semesters) of alternate courses into Skyward.  The only classes you will have access to register for during arena scheduling are your requested courses and alternates. Choose wisely!

20 High School athletics are very competitive. Students who are not currently playing a sport either in middle school or on a competitive team should contact the appropriate coach prior to registering for that sport. Contact information is on the Counseling Website under Upcoming Freshmen tab “Athletic Contacts”. ATHLETICS

21  Art  Dance  Choir  Theatre  Band FINE ARTS

22 1 Credit Required for Graduation 4 total PE credits are allowed for graduation purposes. The following may substitute for PE/athletics  Marching Band (fall semester only)  Drill Team  Cheerleading  Dance (may count as PE or fine arts credit) PHYSICAL EDUCATION


24 1 Credit required We have many tech credits! See pg. 2 of your Program of Studies for a list of possible Courses. You may combine two 1-semester classes for your full credit or take one of the full year courses.

25 Every class you are in counts!! At the end of the semester, every class with a grade above 70 you receive ½ a credit. Every class with a grade below 70 you receive 0 credits and a 0 is factored into your GPA! Your goal: Credit in every class you take each semester you are in high school. HOW CREDITS ARE AWARDED

26 You need a total of 6 credits at the end of your freshman year. That means passing 6 of your classes first semester and 6 of your classes second semester. Remember that too many absences in any class could cause you to lose credit. You may need to do “seat time” to regain credit. Attendance is important!!! TO BE PROMOTED

27  6 credits = Sophomore  26 credits to graduate  **You must retake any courses you fail that are required for graduation. CREDITS, CONT’D.

28  Major Time Commitment  College Recognition  Opportunity to build leadership skills.  Socialization  School Spirit! EXTRA-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES


30  Students can access the Skyward website from home, the school library, or a public library.  If you would like to use the school computers to register or do not have internet access you can come by the counseling office to set up a time with your counselor. COURSE SELECTION

31  Rising Freshmen will create their schedules in Skyward beginning on May 11 at 7:00 a.m.  The window to create their schedule will be open until May 13 at midnight.  An instructional video will be posted on the school website prior to opening of the Arena scheduling windows. NEXT STEPS

32 Students will have two opportunities to request adjustments to their schedules once built through the Arena scheduling process. June 8-12August 3-7 ONE request per student may be submitted electronically during each window. Counselors will make schedule adjustments based on course and space availability. The schedule you created during Arena scheduling is subject to change if adjustments are requested. For more information on Online Arena Scheduling please visit: NEXT STEPS

33 WELCOME TO GHS/CHHS Go Mustangs! Go Panthers!

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