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Mackenzie College Vision For the Next 5 -10 years.

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1 Mackenzie College Vision For the Next 5 -10 years

2 Mackenzie College ‘We’re about opportunities’ Relationships Learning & Achievement Resourcing & Environment Promotion What is a vision?

3 Mackenzie College “We’re about opportunities” Teaching and learning are the cornerstones on which the Mackenzie College Vision is based. Students, parents, the community, ex students and parents respect each other and are proud of Mackenzie College. Home

4 What is a vision? Continued A statement, presented in broad terms, that describes what we are working towards over the next 5 – 10 years. It describes what we want our school to be in the future. The school goals for each year are strongly linked to the vision. The goals do change each year. The vision may need minor editing from time to time, but largely remains the same from year to year. Our vision is for everyone. Staff, students and parents are involved in its design and content.

5 Home In the school of your vision, how much better would the students be achieving? In what areas? What would staff, students and the community be doing that is different? What would the leadership be like? How might this improvement be reflected in the way the school is organised? e.g. curriculum; personnel; finance etc. What values would underpin the day-to-day activity in your school? What values would children learn from your school?

6 Respect Learning & Achievement Resourcing & Environment Promotion Curriculum Student Achievement Use of data Home

7 Respect Learning & Achievement Resourcing & Environment Promotion Grounds, Teaching Facilities and Community Home

8 Community Teachers Parents Students Relationships Learning & Achievement Resourcing & Environment Promotion Home

9 Respect Learning & Achievement Resourcing & Environment Promotion Special Courses Publicity Home

10 Curriculum (back) The curriculum prepares the students to be life long learners in a changing world. It reflects input from the community and meets the requirements of the revised National Curriculum integrating the teaching of the prescribed values and competencies across all subjects.

11 All members of the school community model that learning is life long. Teaching and learning are the cornerstones on which the College Vision is based Students are self motivated, independent learners achieving at their potential Teachers are enthusiastic, and confidently use a variety of strategies to cater for the range of abilities of the students Student Achievement (back) Learning Continued In 2007 we are focusing on student engagement (positive on task behaviour for progressing learning outcomes) including: Numeracy 7/8 Composite class Y9/10 Classes Y11-13 Classes

12 Continue to improve numeracy skills at Yrs 7 and 8 over 2006-2008 through new teaching strategies based around the development of a wide range of practical resources. Numeracy Continued Student Achievement (back)

13 Improving students’ thinking skills by developing the range of open ended questions used by teachers and students in Years 7 and 8. Identifying strategies, including those involving IT, that successfully engage students in Years 9 and 10. Developing the differentiation of programmes in Year 11 -13 classes. Developing the mentoring skills of a group of teachers who are working with some Y11 -13 students Student Engagement Student Achievement (back)

14 Use of data (back) All teachers are proficient and confident in working with data so that appropriate data is collected, analysed and discussed so that appropriate strategies are put in place to improve learning at all levels of the school. This includes individual student data as well as whole school data. Central and accessible files of this data are maintained. In 2007 we are focusing on: Increase the use of Classroom Manager e.g. accessing whole class data, the literacy and numeracy documents. Continue to develop the capacity of the project and curriculum leaders to collect and analyse data at all year levels.

15 Grounds, Teaching facilities and Community (back) (i)which effectively and efficiently uses available financial resources and assets to support student learning (ii)whose grounds are well kept, attractive and reflect the special nature of the magnificent Mackenzie environment (iii)provides buildings and facilities that offer an attractive, highly functional and safe learning environment for staff and students (iv)encourages the community to support and use the college and its facilities within school policies Mackenzie College is a school: In 2007 we are focusing on: Continuing the modernisation programme in the area of rooms 1-4.

16 Community (back) There is a strong community school partnership. Students assist in community work and members of the community assist in the work of the school. The wider community has a positive view of the college and acknowledges its distinctive values and achievements. Community and School Relationships

17 Parents (back) A partnership between parents and staff focuses on improving learning and support for students. The college communicates regularly to parents about school activities and invites feedback from parents on a regular basis. Parents feel confident about discussing, school related matters with staff, knowing that they will be listened to, respected and that agreed actions will be followed up on.

18 Students (back) Mackenzie College is a close knit friendly community in which: Students respect and support other peoples’ differences There are strong relationships between young and old students. There is respect for each other and what they do. Students feel confident to express their views without judgement. There is encouragement to excel in a wide variety of fields including academic, sporting and cultural. Students are able to work in both competitive and cooperative situations. Continued In 2007 we are focusing on the Safer School Programme with MOE and SES to: Bring a philosophy of promotion of positive behaviour and relationships throughout the school.

19 Teachers and students build positive relationships based on caring, respect and accepted behavioural expectations, so that the learning process is enhanced. Students respond positively to requests, instruction and guidance from staff and other adults. The student voice is heard and responded to constructively by teachers. Students and teachers are comfortable working together in groups. Students (back) Student and Teacher Relationships

20 Publicity (back) Mackenzie College is promoted and publicised so that the wider community are aware of our uniqueness and strengths, such as: Our teaching programmes Outdoor pursuits and Life-skills courses. Friendly and caring school community. Safe and supportive community. Small class sizes and teachers that are willing to go that bit further. The wide variety of opportunities. By actively promoting ourselves in the local media, within the school, newsletters and by encouraging students to be active and take opportunities. In 2007 we are focusing on building on: the momentum from 2006 and making substantial progress towards a more positive community perception of the college. the systems in the school to ensure the front part of the website is complete and the curriculum areas are developing.

21 Special Courses (back) As well as a comprehensive range of ‘traditional’ subjects, Mackenzie College offers other courses including; Outdoor Pursuits, Lifeskills, Tourism and Hospitality, and Gateway. Students are able to participate in distance education courses where necessary using modern technology. Continued In 2007 we are focusing on developing a plan of action to reintroduce the outdoor pursuits and life skills courses

22 The Outdoor Pursuits and Skills for Living course accommodates students from around New Zealand in modern flats adjacent to the school grounds and provides the opportunity for students to experience and become proficient in a wide range of outdoor skills. They also learn the skills required in living closely with a group of like-minded people in a supervised flatting environment. Special Courses (back) Continued

23 Students have the opportunity to enter subjects by correspondence or through Cantatech, if for any reason the timetable cannot cater for their subject combination preferences. Correspondence education involves students working independently on units of work provided and marked by external tutors. Cantatech involves students working online with a computer, with which they can see and communicate with other students and their teacher. Special Courses (back) Continued

24 Special Courses (back) Tourism and Hospitality provides students with the opportunity to learn the theoretical and practical skills of the industry including those in cookery and “front-of-house”. A simulated workplace learning environment including working under a qualified chef and opportunities to experience local, tourist based industries, ensure students gain the skills necessary for work in the New Zealand tourism industry. Continued

25 Special Courses (back) Gateway courses allow senior students to continue to learn at school while exploring the world of work. A range of opportunities exist for students to work, learn and achieve in a vocation that has an established Industry Training Organisation associated with it.

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