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One Council - One City Equality Framework for Local Government Peer Review for Excellent.

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1 One Council - One City Equality Framework for Local Government Peer Review for Excellent

2 Cllr David Faulkner Leader of the Council Barry Rowland Chief Executive

3 Our Council – our role High quality services Strategies and plans Providing leadership Promoting partnership Driving delivery

4 Our Council – our values Open, accountable, listening, responsive Customer and citizen at the heart of what we do Manage resources in a co-ordinated way Value contributions and trusting each other See diversity as a strength Focus on continuous improvement

5 Our Council – our commitment ‘We want to make sure that all people in Newcastle have equal access to education, employment, services and opportunities. We want to put equality and fairness at the centre of everything we do. We believe taking practical action to improve equality and fairness will help us achieve this vision. We believe that if Newcastle is a fairer place everyone will benefit.’

6 Our city 284,300 residents 90,000 travel to work Aging population Large student population 6.9% BME (20% in schools) 70.6% Christian 1 in 5 people are disabled 16.8% out of work 25% claim free school meals LGBT community

7 Our improvement and ambition A fit for purpose organisation Dealing with the hard to do Finishing what we started Building a strong economy Providing regional leadership Creating confidence

8 Our challenges The five big challenges 1.Economic competitiveness 2.Demographic change and health improvement 3.Climate change opportunities 4.Housing and communities 5.Child poverty

9 Our changing landscape Loss of regional bodies Major changes to the health service Council’s involvement in public health New partnerships with business  Local Enterprise Partnerships  North East Economic Partnership Challenges and new opportunities

10 Our financial challenge Savings of £44.1m Loss of 665 FTE posts Budget priorities aligned with SCS Commitment to high standard of key services Proposals based on sound financial base Disproportionate impact of reductions on North East

11 Our budget objectives A balanced budget Protect frontline services Outcomes for local people Business growth Corporate priorities Value for money Capital investment

12 Doing things the Newcastle Way Distinctive approach Finishing what we started Making strong partnerships Being truly local Safeguarding the vulnerable Improving quality of life

13 Recognition by residents Resident satisfaction with the council continues to improve People feel the council is efficient and well run Our staff feel the organisation is improving

14 Our equality journey 2003 – Self assessment Levels 1 / 2 2004 – Programme of EINAs 2006 – Achieved Level 3 2008 – Self assessment at Level 4 2009 – Moved to ‘Achieving’ 2010 – Self assessment at Excellent 2011 – Peer Review

15 Knowing our community Quantitative and qualitative Outcomes Based Accountability Joint Strategic Needs Assessment Equality data website Local Information System Gaps in data

16 Knowing our community “The Council has a good understanding of the city and its people. It has detailed information on local needs and makes good use of this when making new plans and strategies.” Oneplace Organisational Assessment 2009

17 Our commitment and leadership Clear vision and commitment City for Peace Member Champions Regional leaders Partnership working ICEE sub-group Recognition

18 Our commitment and leadership “Political leadership of the Council is strong. They have a clear view of how the Council should be working to improve the quality of life for people at a local level and are giving better value for money. They actively champion more localised decision making.” Oneplace Organisational Assessment 2009

19 Engaging with our communities Empowering Authority Community Empowerment Framework 11,500 deciding how to spend £4.5m Neighbourhood Charters Youth Council Community hubs Volunteering

20 Engaging with our communities “The Council is good at involving local people in what it does. The Council’s ‘Udecide’ programme is successful in helping local people to decide on spending. There are good opportunities for young people to be involved in decision making and influencing policies.” Oneplace Organisational Assessment 2009

21 Providing responsive services Excellent adult social care Customer Service Excellence Impact assessments Accessible services Dignity for All Procurement practice High satisfaction levels

22 Providing responsive services “The Place Survey shows that people in Newcastle are extremely positive about the Council. Newcastle ranks among the highest of similar councils for the way it runs things.” “The Council is making a difference that people can see.” Oneplace Organisational Assessment 2009

23 Developing a diverse workforce Range of positive initiatives Special leave policies Investors in People 28 th place in the Stonewall WEI Charter Plus for Member Development Increasing workforce satisfaction Support and develop the workforce

24 Developing a diverse workforce 93% of staff said they are able to deal with a range of customers, including for example disabled people and people from minority ethnic backgrounds. 96% of staff understood what is meant by equality and diversity. 92% understood their responsibilities in relation to equality and diversity. Staff survey 2010

25 Any questions?

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