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Supporting Our’s about’s about Respect.

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1 Supporting Our’s about’s about Respect

2 Participation Positive and Pro-Active A Willingness to Learn Be a Risk Taker Challenge Yourself

3 The unique set of qualities that separate people as individuals, such as race, gender, religion, physical and mental abilities, sexual orientation, geographic locations, age, economic status, etc.

4 A set of shared ideas about the way we live and behave toward others. An agreed upon set of rules about style, tradition, behaviour, etiquette, etc. Combined with the unique set of qualities that separate us as individuals  Age  Gender  Religion  Physical & Mental Abilities  Economic Abilities

5 Diversity Committee

6 Communities Academics Service Providers Policy Makers

7 Fort Frances Municipality Riverside Health Care Facilities Canadian Mental Health Youth Involvement - Students Chief Secretariate Fort Frances Library Chamber of Commerce Treaty Three Police Confederation College Rainy River District Victim Services Correctional Services Addictions/Substance Abuse Prevention Team Board of Education Catholic Board of Education United Native Friendship Centre Media – Fort Frances Times Atikokan Crisis Centre Ontario Provincial Police OPP Aboriginal Resource Officer Aboriginal Homeless Program Seven Generations Safe Communities – Rainy River District Family and Children’s Services Atikokan & District Assoc. for Developmental Services Rainy River Economic Development

8 Create new opportunities for citizens Create forums for open discussion & challenges faced by various groups – providing a physical space to communicate issues Create tools for learning Recognition for citizens making a difference

9 Literature Website Directories Media Tool Kit Promotional Items/Logo Access

10 Training Special Events Workshops

11 Sudbury has developed a business charter promoting diversity Rainy River District - newly formed committee of 25 new partners to begin awareness initiative Thunder Bay City has implemented a Aboriginal Liason position Sioux Lookout Anti- Racism Committee has a full time business manager from government funding

12 Rainy River District Diversity Committee Mission Statement "Working together to create communities that celebrate diversity by actively practicing and promoting dignity, respect and inclusiveness."

13 Engaging Community (Community Consultations) Opening Communication Within the Community Developing Resources For Community Members Proactively Promoting Diversity Measure Actions Assist with Policy Adaptations

14 News Minutes Resources Partners Contact

15 Seeking Your Support… Letter of support Willingness to collaborate and work together to disperse ‘key messages’

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