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Presentation on Bangladesh National Girl Child Advocacy Forum (NGCAF)

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1 Presentation on Bangladesh National Girl Child Advocacy Forum (NGCAF)
Plan Asia Regional Programme on Strengthening Civil Society in Asia Nasima Akhter Joly Secretary NGCAF

2 National Girl child Advocacy Forum (NGCAF)
NGCAF is a platform of like-minded organization (government and NGOs) and individuals We work for positive change in the condition and position of girl children. This is a platform for sharing experiences and coordinating activities. Our Goal is to build mass awareness of the importance of valuing girls, securing rights and advocating policies that improve girls’ lives. Objectives: To build mass awareness and public opinion for transforming customary views towards the girl child in every sphere of society including the family. To advocate for comprehensive policies which help to improve the living standards and rights of girls. To carry out strategic campaigns to increase opportunities for girls.

3 Our Core Activities Policy Advocacy Training
Life skills training for girls Workshops on issues that related to Rights of the Girl Child and our responsibilities Awareness building at every level Legal advice & support Provide information on child rights

4 Achievement at state level on CRC reporting 2011-2012
NGCAF is recognized as a strong platform for promoting and protecting the rights of girl children; NGCAF secretariat worked with The Government of Bangladesh on Fifth Periodic Report of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Members of NGCAF worked with NGO team of Bangladesh to prepare the alternative report on CRC .

5 Achievement Cont. Government Endorsement (30th September)
Govt. of Bangladesh declared 30th September as National Girls Child day and endorsed the day for observing at public, private offices and educational institutions throughout the country; in 2013, the government circulates special office order hold Human Chain for the slogan of National Girl Child Day. Increased Networking and bonding between the civil society coalitions. Establishing linkage with Government Involvement of children in the reporting process.

6 Achievement - Policy Influencing
We are putting our continuous efforts to reform relevant laws and policies for women and girls. In previous Women Development Policies (1997, 2004 and 2008), there was no separate chapter on Girl Child issue; But in 2011, we could successfully incorporate new chapter ‘Girl Child Development’ in National Women Policy (Section 18 ).

7 Achievement - Policy Influencing
Prevention of Domestic Violence Act 2010 National Education Policy 2010 Anti-trafficking Act 2012 Pornography control Act 2012 (There was no act on this issue earlier.) The age of child has been defined as 18 years Children Act 2013 (newly amended) A monitoring framework with specific indicators developed in 2011 with support of UNICEF and Children taskforce- NCTF. NCTF closely working with District Child Rights Monitoring Committee (DCRMC) at district level. MOWCA arranged training on Capacity Building and monitoring Child rights. 96 NGCAF members participated in the training.

8 Implemented Activities (2011-2012)
Mass Awareness Issue based campaign (Education, Health, Nutrition, Decision making at family level, CM) across country; Issue based policy seminars; and round table discussion meeting Workshops on Girl Child rights all over the country; Women Day celebration, Girl Child Day celebration . Provide Training on CRC among NGCAF members

9 Work with Victim Support Center of Dhaka Metropolitan Police Department
Identify victim Carry the victim to support center Support victim’s family Arrange Legal support

10 New Horizons: Joined three more alliances
Launched the Best School for Girls Award in 2 Upazillas; Meherpur and Naogaon Joined CRC coalition hosted by Plan International, Bangladesh.

11 Challenges: still need attention
Reduction of Sexual Harassment ,abuse and incidence of child marriage. Implement Child Labor Law properly in the factories and Industries; Ensure Birth registration for all children through adequate system. Implementation of lows and policies and capacity building of law enforcing agencies and their associates

12 Future Plan Work for safety, Security of Girl Child in a focused way;
Work among forum members and with other alliances to reduce the prevalence of Child Marriage; Work with Government to ensure 100% education maintaining sufficient scholarship program, mid day meal program for girl child especially; Work on proper implementation of Child Labor Law and children act 2013.

13 Some highlight of National Girls Child Day 2013
Country Theme: Girls are not Brides, they conquer the world

14 Thank you ..

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