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Online Resume Workshop

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1 Online Resume Workshop
Preparing you for the world of work. By: Career Technical Education (CTE)

2 Career and Technical Education (CTE) Department
Bldg. 900, Room 919, Menifee Valley Campus The mission of Career & Technical Education Programs at Mt. San Jacinto College is to engage, prepare, and educate learners, communities, and employees for careers in a global and competitive workforce. MSJC CTE Department Homepage

3 Access the Resume Template
In order to complete the Online Resume Workshop you will need to download the: MSJC Resume Template MSJC Cover Letter Template MSJC Action Verb List CTE Online Resume Workshop Click on MSJC Resume Template Save the template as a document to your computer so you can edit. Save as lastname.firstname.cte.resume Click on MSJC Cover Letter Template Save as lastname.firstname.cte.coverletter Remember there are thousands of templates that you can choose from, but use the MSJC Resume and Cover Letter Templates for this Online Resume Workshop.

4 Complete the Resume Template
Use the template that you just downloaded and follow along with the next few slides to complete the resume. Concentrate on content and provide detailed accurate information. Use Key Words (See MSJC Action Verb List) Use a standard font (Times New Roman, Arial, etc.) no smaller than 11 except for headers. No abbreviations and acronyms. Never use pronouns such as “I”, “Me”, “My”, and “Our”. Avoid using boring sentences just to fill space. No photographs. Highlight skills and achievements!

5 A Brief Overview: What Is A Resume?
A resume is a brief summary of your education, employment history, and experience that are relevant to your qualifications for a particular job for which you are applying. Must be relevant for the job in which you will be applying! It is your marketing tool. It is the first meeting between you and the employer. Remember that you never get a second chance to make a first impression! Tells a great deal about who you are and what VALUE you can bring to the employer. It gets you the interview!

6 A Brief Overview: Resumes Goals
To convince employer to give you an interview! Gives employer important information that sells your abilities & gives insight to what type of worker you are. Keep as brief as possible without sacrificing essential qualifications. Focus on strengths & accomplishments. Resume format MUST be pleasing to the eye.

7 Heading Name, phone number, address, (must be appropriate), professional social media (LinkedIN). Make sure voic and are appropriate. examples: Bad: Good:

8 Objective Brief statement that describes you & your career goals.
Keep your objective statement simple and to the point. Example: To obtain the (position) with (location). EX: To obtain the Federal Student Aid Worker position at Mt. San Jacinto College.

9 Summary of Qualifications
1st statement should summarize your overall career profile, experience, and connection to the job. Example: “3+ years of professional experience providing excellence in customer service, sales, and marketing for companies in the fashion industry.” Write 4-5 bullet statements that summarize why you would be good at your job objective. Each statement should be no longer than two lines. Your statements should highlight your relevant strengths such as experience, skills, community service and personality traits that connect to the position/industry applying to. Prioritize the statements in this section so the most relevant one comes first. Use the job description to find the most desirable qualifications that the employer is looking for. Think of this as an “open book” test where the employer is telling the applicant everything they are seeking so make sure to address those qualifications! O*NET OnLine has detailed descriptions of the world of work for use by job seekers, workforce development and HR professionals, students, researchers, and more!

10 Professional Accomplishments
Highlight key skills that you posses that relate to the position. Example: Technological/Computer Applications, Foreign Languages, Customer Service, Leadership, Management, etc. 2-3 bullet points describing how to demonstrate this skill and your level of proficiency. Include Associations, Clubs, Student Government, Community Service, etc.

11 Professional Summary Include both paid and non-paid.
List relevant work history. Be sure to provide accurate information on what you accomplished not what you did. Include position, employer, location and dates. Example: Bad: Sales Experience, obtained new customers, responsible, hardworking, good communication. Good: Built sales territory and generated company revenues from zero to $225,000 in first 10 months, and to over $1 million in next five years. Successfully expanded client base by researching the market and maximizing networking contacts. Demonstrated effectiveness in managing deadlines, priorities, and resolved client problems.

12 Community Involvement/Activities
Awards, Skills, Affiliations, Activities, etc. Promote your accomplishments & achievements. List any additional skills such as communication skills, computer skills, language skills, or anything that you deem necessary to give you that competitive advantage.

13 Education Education Include name of school, city & state, graduation date or anticipated date. List major, minor, & concentration. GPA if it is over 3.0/4.0 Relevant coursework as related to the position in which you’re applying. Do not abbreviate your coursework! Employers will not know what prefixes represent.


15 Resume Tips Target any & all qualifications for a specific job.
NO errors. Proof-read at least one time when completed. Provide resume with updated lingo and a pleasing format, making it easy to understand and look over. Include specialized skills Convince the employer that they need to invite you in for an interview!

16 Resume Final Thought Be sure your resume represents you in the best light possible. Use the correct resume form to highlight your skills, abilities, & work experience. Be sure to get your resume reviewed for accuracy of information, spelling and grammar, and punctuation. Use a good cover letter to accompany your resume to get your foot in the door!

17 Access the Cover Letter Template
Click on MSJC Cover Letter Template Save the template as a document to your computer so you can edit. Save as lastname.firstname.cte.coverl etter

18 Complete the Cover Letter Template
Use the template that you just downloaded and follow along with the examples to create a cover letter that: Describes how you found the job. Why you are qualified. What you can bring to that employer. Why they should read your resume! Check out the video for more tips on how to create a great cover letter!

19 Submit Resume & CV to CTE Department
Please remember to save your resume and cover letter as: lastname.firstname.cte.resume lastname.firstname.cte.coverletter completed resume and cover letter to or print out a copy and call 951/ to schedule an appointment with the Cooperative Workforce Education Experience (CWEE) Coordinator. You MUST have a completed resume and cover letter on file before you’re eligible to enroll into your Occupational Internship course!

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