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Ch. 16: Reconstruction American History (CHA3U1).

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1 Ch. 16: Reconstruction American History (CHA3U1)

2 Introduction Confederate war veterans returned to devastated land African Americans quickly learned that freedom didn’t mean equality Readmitting Southern states to the Union difficult because of white Southern bitterness & Radical Republicans in Congress

3 Sec. 1: After Slavery (pgs. 440 – 44) New Ways of Life The Plight of Landowners  some slaves agreed to stay and work the land for housing, food and cash after crops harvested  Many lost land because Confederate money worthless therefore couldn’t pay taxes or debts The Plight of Workers  poor whites / African Americans  tenant farmers / sharecroppers

4 Sharecroppers

5 Sec. 1: After Slavery From Slavery to Freedom  strengthened family ties  Chose new surnames  Left for cities or farmland in the West

6 Sec. 1: After Slavery The Freedmen’s Bureau Education  taught former slaves to read / write Jobs  encouraged former slaves to sign labour contracts with planters Land  land given to former slaves returned to previous white owners

7 Sec. 2: Reconstructing the South (pgs. 445 – 51) Presidential Reconstruction Lincoln’s Plan  amnesty / pardon to all Southerners who pledged an oath of loyalty to the United States  African Americans could return to Africa or colonize Caribbean The Radical Republicans’ Plan  harsher than Lincoln’s plan  military rule

8 Abraham Lincoln’s Assassination

9 Sec. 2: Reconstructing the South Johnson’s Program  President after Lincoln assassinated tried to implement Lincoln’s generous plan but Radical Republicans refused to co-operate White Men & Black Codes  states allowed to create their own laws that denied African Americans many basic rights such as voting or gov’t education

10 Sec. 2: Reconstructing the South Presidential Reconstruction The North Responds  April 1866 Congress passed the Civil Rights Bill giving citizenship to African Americans and all the rights entailed The Fourteenth Amendment  defined citizenship to include African Americans who were guaranteed equal protection under the law

11 Sec. 2: Reconstructing the South Radical Reconstruction Reconstruction Plans  appreciative African Americans would vote for Radical Republicans Reconstruction Legislation  March 1867 Reconstruction Act passed putting the South under five district military rule until the states gave African Americans the right to vote

12 Sec. 2: Reconstructing the South Carpetbag Government  Scalawags (Union sympathizers) and carpetbaggers (Northerners) despised The Radicals in Power  reduce Pres. power Challenging the Tenure Law  Pres. Johnson twice fired Edwin Stanton a supporter of Radicals

13 Sec. 2: Reconstructing the South Carpetbag Government Johnson Impeached  May 16, 1868 Senate voted 35 to 19 to convict Pres, one vote shy The 1868 Election  General Grant won as a Radical Republican to become new President

14 Andrew Johnson & Ulysses S Grant

15 Sec. 3: Restoring Southern Power (pgs. 453 – 56)  Opponents of Reconstruction set up secret societies (e.g. KKK)  wore out Radicals The Compromise of 1877 Electoral Commission  disputed Pres vote in 1876 given to Republican candidate Hayes Reaching an Agreement  Democrats outraged so Republicans promised South power, funds and removal of federal troops

16 Sec. 3: Restoring Southern Power After Reconstruction Segregation  separation of races made legal by Supreme Court ruling Civil Rights Act of 1875 unconstitutional  Jim Crow laws follow The “New South”  industrialization with Northern financing brought railroads, factories Few Gains for African Americans  temporary gains soon gone with economic slavery

17 Conclusion Civil War devastated the South but in the long run the abolition of slavery helped the South to industrialize and diversify its economy Unfortunately it would take another 100 years for African Americans to gain political and economic equality

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