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How to Earn Golden Compliments Here in the lab You are: *included *control, *liked *capable.

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1 How to Earn Golden Compliments Here in the lab You are: *included *control, *liked *capable.

2 My eyes look around the room for people showing: *good character *responsibility!

3 I am not looking for perfect people, but I am looking for students who show one thing: *they want to do their best!

4 I am never happy if you get in trouble and it is not your fault!

5 Teachers understand all the hard things you go through to do hard work and to make friends and try to have a good day at school. Sometimes home life is hard as well.

6 What is important is your good character through all of it and how you take responsibility even when it is hard.

7 Always treat your computer with care by not closing the lid (you smash the sandwich inside of it …yuck!!)

8 Treat your headphones with care by placing them on the table nicely.


10 Are these hands clean?

11 Always point to the door or cross your fingers to go to the the restroom AFTER you are seated at the computer. Only grade K can go from the carpet.

12 To go to the bathroom use your signal and then get a bathroom pass. Green = girls Purple = boys

13 Always use the drinking fountain in the computer lab. You do not have to leave the room for a drink of water.

14 Always raise your hands…Do not get out of your seat!!

15 Sit up straight With feet close together and on the floor if possible.

16 Is this person sitting up straight? Can I stand behind her to help her?

17 Always work hard to finish your assignments in the computer lab so we can show our teachers and our parents the hard work we do!

18 When you hear the bell ring… -Apple Q or Quit your game. -Stand and push your chair in. -Place headphones on the table and face me to listen.

19 Here is: Apple Q

20 When you are standing to listen your row can earn a golden compliment and be dismissed to the door first. Always follow your line leader in a line to the door.

21 Always walk in the computer lab. This ensures that you don’t get hurt and the computers don’t get hurt. NO ONE wants a broken body or a broken computer.

22 Always remember KIDS ARE GREAT… especially if they are Chollas-Mead Dolphins!

23 Special Rewards for birthday cupcakes or helping me clean computers after school!!

24 To open a folder or game correctly, always click on the picture/icon not the words!! Let’s Review..

25 Here is: Apple Q

26 After you Apple-Q always click on the red button in the left corner to completely close the folder or CD and to see the clean desktop! Closing Folders…


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