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South Seattle Community College BUDGET HEARING Fiscal Year 2005 - 2006 June 7, 2005.

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1 South Seattle Community College BUDGET HEARING Fiscal Year 2005 - 2006 June 7, 2005

2 Operating Budget Changes

3 Total Cost of Instruction 2001-20022002-20032003-20042004-20052005-2006 FTE Target 4,130 Actual 4,160 ------ S/F Ratio 18.72 FTE Target 4,112 Actual 4,102 ------ S/F Ratio 17.73 FTE Target 4,154 Est. Actual 4,035 ------- S/F Ratio tbd FTE Target 4,188 S/F Ratio 18.97 $8,113,575 $8,530,803 $8,627,010 $8,914,149Estimated Budget $8,800,000

4 Institutional Goals I. SSCC provides comprehensive instructional programs which include: college transfer, professional technical education, apprenticeship training, and life-long learning that meet the diverse needs of students and our communities. II. SSCC provides responsive student services and programs which support the learning and success of its diverse student population. III. SSCC supports the renewal of professional knowledge and skills in its diverse community of highly qualified personnel. IV. SSCC collaborates with business and industry, labor, community-based organizations, K-12 schools, and other higher education institutions. V. SSCC ensures the financial health of the college.

5 College-wide Priorities 2005-2007 Reviewed by the President’s Cabinet on November 23, 2004 1. Promote student learning and success. Invest in new program development Invest in transition of ESL/ELL students to college-level courses Support programs and services that serve our diverse student population Invest in strategies for increased retention, completion, graduation and transfer rates, enabling students to reach their goals Further develop recruitment and marketing strategies to increase visibility of our programs and services Assess our community’s needs in order to develop a long-term vision for programs and services 2. Ensure the financial health of the college. Provide adequate funding to ensure the sustainability of our program offerings Increase percentage of tuition-paying programs Develop alternative sources of income Build adequate college reserve fund Increase financial accountability at department levels Evaluate low demand programs for revision or elimination Further develop strategies to create community partnerships Assess opportunities to ensure long term fiscal stability for the college *College-wide Priorities for 2005-2007 were developed by the President’s Cabinet based on the Institutional Goals.

6 College Council Recommendations Enrollment Urgency Focus on FTE generation and retention Two-tiered approach to recommendation Increase funding for part-time faculty Use deliberate and strategic decision-making to address other budget priorities FTE Growth and Retention Appropriate level of increased funding for part-time faculty balanced with striving for a better student / faculty ratio and full classes Transitioning some part-time faculty positions to full-time is worth reviewing and evaluating for programs that help SSCC generate FTE Increase marketing Review and analyze SSCC courses and instructional trends – with an eye towards the future Department Budget Priorities College Council realizes the value in supporting budgeted priorities of the divisions and focused its recommendation on key areas that target FTE growth and retention for each of the campus divisions: Administrative Services Instruction President’s Reports Student Services Future Planning

7 Budget Recommendations Based on the College-wide Priorities 1. Promote student learning and success. 2 new full-time faculty in Liberal Studies 1 new full-time diesel faculty (replaces computer faculty) New Utility Worker position Increase Part-time Faculty budget ($250,000) Increase Distance Learning support Minor increase in grounds hourly budget Credentials evaluation support Increase Financial Aid hourly budget Budget full amount of New Holly condo fees & Boeing Field space rental Increase library materials budget Increase professional development budget Increase hourly counseling budget Minor increase in Outreach budget Transition portion of program coordinator position from Title III funds Increase Home and Family Life coordination budget

8 Budget Recommendations Based on College Priorities 2. Ensure the financial health of the college. Maintain $50,000 in permanent reserve funds (a part of SSCC’s total reserve) Bring 75% Cashiering position to 100% (reduce hourly) Budget utility expenses to actual Decrease hourly in General Studies due to funding Fiscal Tech via ORIA funds Increase the goods and services budget for Marketing and PIO Budget membership dues at actual amount Decreases in various budgets to reflect actual expenses (apprenticeship contracts, COPs, etc.) Additional Items SSCC was provided a given amount of funding from the State Legislator for these items: Cost of Living Adjustments for classified, faculty and exempt staff members (COLA increases) Benefits cost increases, employer paid portion

9 Annual Overview & Key Points FTE Growth and Retention College Priorities Student learning and success Financial health

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