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KATY WATTS & JAMIE KIM ST. AGNES ACADEMY TACAC 2011 APRIL 4, 2011 FROM ROOKIE TO PRO: Navigating Naviance and Using EDocs in Your First Year.

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1 KATY WATTS & JAMIE KIM ST. AGNES ACADEMY TACAC 2011 APRIL 4, 2011 FROM ROOKIE TO PRO: Navigating Naviance and Using EDocs in Your First Year


3 2 nd week of school: senior group guidance In initial meeting with counselor (fall of senior year), student signed FERPA waiver and identified 1-2 teacher LOR. Student then asks teacher for a LOR. When the student asks the teacher for a LOR, the teacher has 30 days to complete his/her letter. Teacher was responsible for bringing multiple copies of LOR on letterhead and TE to the Counseling Office. Counselors completed SSR by hand using in-house forms and printed LOR on letterhead. All documents (LOR, teacher evaluation forms, SSR, school profile, transcript, mid-year report, and final report) were mailed by the deadline date.

4 IN PREVIOUS YEARS USE OF NAVIANCE:  Student could see date we mailed documents  Scattergrams, data analysis, etc.  MBTI results  Career Interest Inventory results  Scholarship database  Colleges visiting campus (although we did not allow for students to sign up via Naviance)

5 2010-2011 THIS SCHOOL YEAR

6 APRIL  Students completed FERPA waiver on Naviance JULY  Attended Naviance conference in Minneapolis  Hosted Naviance resume workshops (teachers could then access resumes online)  Updated and edited profile information in Naviance  Emailed faculty Naviance username and passwords AUGUST  In-Service Training: Introduced Naviance to faculty  Reasons: “Green” initiative, technology, accessibility  Students entered Common App username and password into Naviance  Upload transcripts into Naviance

7 THIS SCHOOL YEAR SEPTEMBER  Submitted first transcript electronically on Naviance (Docufide or Common Application schools)  Hosted resume refresher workshops, teaching students how to convert Naviance resumes to Word documents  Offered refresher course to teachers during lunch NOVEMBER/DECEMBER  Counselors hosted a “thank you” breakfast for teachers JANUARY (now for current juniors)  Students had to add at least 5 colleges to “Colleges I’m Thinking About” before junior meeting

8 Seniors met with their counselor to identify primary letter writers to complete “Request for Teacher Letter of Recommendation” THIS SCHOOL YEAR

9 This allowed students to ASK teachers to write on their behalf as opposed to just adding them on Naviance.  We wanted to teach students proper etiquette Students returned the bottom portion to our administrative assistant within 72 hours. Otherwise, they were contacted via email. Once the lavender form was returned, teachers were added to the student’s Naviance account.  This allowed teachers to view the student’s resume, complete the online teacher evaluation form, and upload their letter of recommendation. Teachers had until 5 days before the postmark deadline to upload their documents and bring a hard copy of their letter and evaluation form to the Counseling Office.

10 NO Supporting Documentation Needed Supporting Documentation is Needed TRANSCRIPT REQUEST FORMS

11 THIS SCHOOL YEAR Always kept a paper trail of when documents were submitted electronically or by mail Once all documents were uploaded, either the counselor or the administrative assistant submitted e-documents for the student “Date sent” was also marked on the green or yellow transcript request form and added to student’s file

12 BENEFITS OF USING NAVIANCE Receive a confirmation code that files were sent, received, and downloaded. Access to transcripts from anywhere (no need to carry around transcripts) Teachers who leave a school can access Naviance, review resumes, and submit letters and evaluation forms electronically No need to print and/or worry about mailing documents THIS SCHOOL YEAR


14 Adding our own Secondary School Report (teachers must still complete the “required” portions of SSR)  Eliminate the FERPA and need of student signature Offering refresher courses during In-Service and during the school year Provide teachers with a list of potential students that they will write for by end of April Resume workshops will be offered both late spring and early fall


16 NAVIANCE WISH LIST When student electronically waives and signs FERPA on Naviance, it shows up on Common App Secondary School Report The student’s side (Family Connection) is sometimes not updated when submissions are made Create a way where we can automatically enter text into the Common App Mid-Year Report and Final Report without having to attach a file Upgrade more options for Naviance’s Resume Snap App dilemma



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