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PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS Sub-Saharan Africa Anderson/ LaRocco W. Geography SOL WG. 4.

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1 PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS Sub-Saharan Africa Anderson/ LaRocco W. Geography SOL WG. 4

2 “Sub-Saharan”Africa The area SOUTH of the Sahara Desert.

3 Physical Features Plateau: level highland that rises above surrounding areas Escarpments: line of steep cliffs rimming a plateau (p483, 496) Cataracts: rapids in a river; waterfall Fall Line: imaginary line that connects similar elevation

4 Plateaus and Escarpments These kept people OUT of interior Africa. Makonde Escarpment - Tanzania

5 O'Rear

6 Mount Kilimanjaro East African Mountains THIS is why we see snow at the Equator!

7 David Livingstone and Henry Stanley - African Explorers. Settlement Patterns also impacted by plateau: How? Coastal Areas were settled, too difficult to go inland Settlement in Africa Livingstone Stanley “Dr. Livingstone, I presume?”

8 Settlements developed at the base of the escarpment and along river banks. Victoria Falls Rivers in Africa Zambezi River- in southern Africa Congo River- in the Dem. Rep. of the Congo Nile River- eastern and northern Africa Niger River- west Africa


10 River Transportation River Transportation impacted by cataracts Port cities developed along fall lines & at mouth of rivers (deltas)-site & situation Few natural harbors in Africa (thin coast)

11 Flooding in Mozambique Other issues with rivers?

12 Settlement in Cities and Towns European styles of settlement patterns- Town Square A town square in Nigeria

13 Climate Patterns Africa is the only continent to have the Equator, Prime Meridian, and BOTH Tropic Lines to run through it.

14 There are similar climate patterns found at the north and the south of the continent EXCEPT that they’re... CLIMATECLIMATE AFRICANAFRICAN reversed and mirrored ---WHY??

15 Tropical Rainforest Savannah Desert Mediterranean

16 Coastal Settlements & Countries Many landlocked countries Interior of Africa is a PLATEAU Africa is a storehouse of mineral wealth: gold and diamonds Africa can make money by exporting RAW MATERIALS and then purchasing what they need by importing MANUFACTURED GOODS. Potential for HYDRO-ELECTRIC power. (p.476)

17 Note the disparity of wealth!!! $ $ $ $

18 HOWEVER... sustainableAfrica has a lack of sustainable agriculture: because of the lack of arable land & seasonable rainfall... and the problem of infertile soil.

19 There is also an extensive range of climates: from desert to rainforests **Arid vs. semi-arid land**

20 Finally, there are scarce water resources: Oasis, wadis, “water holes” Man-made: temporary water deposits & reservoirs, wells

21 QUESTIONS Why was it difficult for explorers to get to the middle of Africa? What are some characteristics of Africa’s climate? Why is there a large population along the coast in Africa? What kinds of resources does Africa have that help its economic base?

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