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How Microsoft Office 2010 Works with Cloud Computing and Social Media.

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1 How Microsoft Office 2010 Works with Cloud Computing and Social Media

2 Shelley Gaskin Pasadena City College

3 I’m confused, are you?  In our IT curriculum, are we teaching the right things?  What do students want to know?  What do students need to know?

4 Microsoft R.I.P. ? Is it still all Microsoft, all the time?

5 Does Microsoft “Get it”? In this instance, they did

6 What’s New in Office 2010?  The collaborative features  Work with others more effectively  Use social media  The cloud features  Access your work anywhere  On a PC, on a phone, in a browser

7 Office Web Apps

8 Office Web Apps Save a new Office 2010 file directly to SkyDrive  In Office 2010, on your desktop, create a new Word, Excel, or PowerPoint file  On the File tab, in Backstage view, Save & Send  Save to Web  Log in, name and save  Document is stored only in SkyDrive  Opens in Reading View  Can edit in the browser

9 Office Web Apps Upload an Office 2010 document to SkyDrive  Go to SkyDrive, click new  Upload a file from your hard drive  Can edit in browser (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote)  Save on SkyDrive or hard drive  Can use Windows Live Mesh to synch among SkyDrive and devices, including MAC OS X

10 Office Web Apps Share Documents Using Email  When you attach an Office document to Live mail (or Hotmail or msn mail), you can save the file to your SkyDrive  When recipient clicks the link in the message, the document opens in his or her Web browser

11 SharePoint Collaboration Software for the Enterprise  Uses only browser software  “Facebook for the enterprise”  Any number of subsites on a SharePoint site

12 Windows Photo Gallery and Movie Maker  Upload directly to Facebook, YouTube, Flickr  Share with others

13 FUSE Labs

14 Using  From Microsoft’s FUSE Labs (Future Social Experiences)  Discover, create, and share Office documents with Facebook's friends  “Docs for Facebook”  Can add Docs to Profile tab  Shared documents will appear in the News Feed

15 One Thing We Know: People Work Together Our students will work with others as they move into jobs and careers

16 Collaboration in Office 2010  Office 2010 is powerful because it is combined with SharePoint 2010 (for organizations) or Windows Live (for personal use)  SharePoint (organizations)  Windows Live (personal)  Web Apps with OneNote

17 How will we help students learn about cloud computing and social media? Because, as instructors, we have: 1. No time for more prep 2. No space in the course for more instruction 3. No tolerance to grade more outcomes

18 How can we help students learn cloud computing and proper use of social media?  Collaborate: work with others to achieve a shared goal  Must have:  Intentional instructional design  Co-laboring  Meaningful outcome

19 OneNote in Office 2010  Capture, organize, and find your information  Universal access  Sync to the cloud with Windows Live  Access and edit from a browser  Use it on your phone  Multiple people can edit

20 Collaboration in Word 2010 Link a document using OneNote 20

21 Collaboration in Word 2010 Co-authoring  Multiple authors work on the same document at the same time  Based on OneNote technology  Available in Word, PowerPoint, and Excel Web App

22 Microsoft R.I.P. ? Is it still all Microsoft, all the time?

23 Future of Microsoft?  Microsoft revenue $66 billion  95% of profits from business sales  IBM revenue $99 billion

24 A virtual office, virtually anywhere Specifically for small businesses and professional users Office 365

25  For small businesses and large enterprises  Works with existing software, devices, phones, and browsers  Maintain security and still keep your existing business applications

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