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UNDERSTANDING DESTINATIONS 5.04 Describe the psychological and motivational aspects of destination selection.

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1 UNDERSTANDING DESTINATIONS 5.04 Describe the psychological and motivational aspects of destination selection.

2 What Are Destinations? In the context of tourism, the word destination has a broad definition. destination the final stop of a journey, or the goal for travelers Section 6.1 A destination can be any place or a town, a region, a country, or a continent.

3 Psychological factors affecting travel choices Prestige Escape Education Social interaction Family bonding Relaxation Self-discovery

4 What Are Destinations? Some things you should know about a destination include: Section 6.1 Location Climate Landscape Seasons Culture Languages Religion Politics

5 Marketing a Destination Destination marketing takes advantage of the features a place has to offer. destination marketing the process of developing, promoting, and distributing specific locations to travelers, and maintaining appeal as long as possible Section 6.1 Seasonality is an important concept in destination marketing. seasonality the concept that certain destinations appeal to travelers at certain times of the year, based on climate and geography

6 Classifying Destinations Types of destinations that attract travelers include: Section 6.1 Resorts and destination resorts Amusement parks Gaming facilities Shopping sites Museums and historical sites National parks Cruise ships Sports, recreation, and entertainment facilities

7 Promoting a Destination Destination marketing plays a key role as locations go in and out of fashion. Marketing to special-interest groups is different from marketing to people who are looking for a spa vacation or a destination resort. Section 6.1

8 Tourism Providers and Promoters Businesses and organizations that market and promote destination tourism include: Section 6.2 Travel agencies Tour operators Convention and visitors bureaus (CVB) Trade and government organizations

9 Travel agents know about travel products and have access to information that may be unavailable through other sources. Travel agents also act as intermediaries for airlines, hotels, cruise lines, and other hospitality providers. A tour operator, or tour wholesaler, assembles and markets many travel products as a travel package that is promoted to the public for one all-inclusive price. Tour operators are an important link in the channel of distribution for travel products and services. convention and visitors bureau (CVB) an organization that works with meeting planners to provide tourist information services to business and leisure travelers Trade associations are membership organizations that sponsor marketing campaigns, promote destination tourism, and offer education and training to their members.

10 Prestige: Respect and admiration resulting from high quality. Travel to choice destinations can provide a traveler with a level of fame, if only in the mind of the traveler. Monte Carlo—Riviera Hollywood—Rodeo Drive

11 Escape: The desire to leave the daily routine of one’s life Beaches—Hilton Head, SC Caribbean—St. Thomas

12 Education Travel is viewed as broadening. Historical—Washington, DC, and Williamsburg, VA Grand Canyon

13 Social interaction Travel provides opportunities to meet and interact with new and different people. Vail, Colorado—ski trip Princess Cruise Lines— Inclusive resorts

14 Family bonding Grandparents’ homes Heritage/roots—Family reunions, weddings, funerals

15 Relaxation A time to play and unwind Attractions Festivals

16 Self-discovery “Finding oneself” Beauty, nature and national parks—camping, hiking Holistic vacations—Yoga retreats

17 Basic travel motivators Physical or relaxation motivator Cultural motivator Interpersonal motivator Status and prestige motivator

18 Physical or relaxation motivator Physical rest Sporting as a spectator or participant Examples: running, lounging in the sun, vacationing alone

19 Cultural motivator The desire for knowledge of other regions or countries Religion, one of the first motivators of travel Music Art Dances

20 Interpersonal motivator Meet new people Make new friends Visit friends or relatives Escape from the daily routine

21 Status and prestige motivator Desire for recognition, attention, appreciation and a good reputation Major accomplishments, an award recipient, travel to currently popular destinations

22 Factors that influence destination choices Total cost of trip Purchase opportunities Climate for comfort Entertainment and other amenities Word-of-mouth recommendations

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