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Management Information Systems BSAD 141, Spring 2014 Dave Novak Course Introduction.

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1 Management Information Systems BSAD 141, Spring 2014 Dave Novak Course Introduction

2 Overview of Today Welcome! Introduction My background Why MIS? Preparation/Checklist Course Syllabus Course Schedule For Next Time

3 My Background Education Work Personal

4 Some Perspective Even if you are not an MIS major, or even interested in information systems and/or technology, you can benefit from: A basic level of comfort with technology and information systems A basic understanding of databases and data A basic understanding of how you can use readily available tools like Excel A basic understanding of the role and functionality of IS/IT in the world today

5 Introduction to Information Systems Textbook: Business Driven Information Systems 3e. Paige Baltzan ISBN: 978-0-07-337682-0 To go over the very broad field of information systems An established, structured, reputable collection of core IS principles

6 BSAD 141 Format of the Course: Lecture-based with hands-on in-class exercises to enforce / clarify concepts Requires you to do out-of-class reading Depending on your level of comfort with certain software, may require you to do out-of-class work on your computer Introduce you to basic information systems concepts and terminology.

7 BSAD 141 NOT a software training class You are required to use MS Access and MS Excel as part of the class I use software to illustrate specific concepts and/or techniques but I’m not focused on teaching you how to use software This means that we may move faster than some of you would like and that many of you will need to practice what we learn in class on your own (outside of class)

8 BSAD 141 I assume that you already have a basic understanding and level of comfort with the MS Office Suite (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) from BSAD 40 If not, you should consider taking an additional class related to software

9 Required Accounts You are required to have your UVM account in good standing It is ABSOLUTLY your responsibility to manage this account, know your credentials and to keep the account in good standing.

10 Administration of BSAD 141 I administer the course through my own website Lecture Notes Syllabus Schedule Grades I do NOT use Blackboard

11 BSAD 141 Course Website Please add the URL to your favorites for easy access You will need to consult this site a number of times per week

12 Administration of BSAD 141 Syllabus Schedule

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