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Welcome to 4 th grade at C. J. Harris! Your children will have a great year 2012-2013 with us!

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1 Welcome to 4 th grade at C. J. Harris! Your children will have a great year 2012-2013 with us!

2 The Schedule: Each 4 th grade student will receive: –2 ½ hours of Reading/Language Arts –1 hour of Science /Social Studies (Texas History) –1 ½ hour of Math –45 minutes daily of specials/ Outclass –15 minutes of recess (considered a privilege) –30 minutes for lunch

3 Spelling Differences: Spelling (done in spiral): Most frequently misspelled words in 4 th grade writing Cloze test format No weekly spelling test

4 Homework Policy Homework is given out on Friday and one section is due daily starting Tuesday with out exception. As a class, we spend time analyzing the homework and reviewing and modeling strategies. Parents are encouraged to check homework for completeness, correctness, and use of all strategies. Rewards and consequences are given for homework

5 Testing Strategies Throughout the school year, each teacher will instruct your child to use strategies that are necessary to perform at the highest level possible.

6 Differences from 3 rd grade: Please return all graded papers in weekly folders Please keep all other papers Snack time- we have the last lunch! Class work is expected to be finished in class Weekly homework packet given on Friday

7 STAAR TESTS Students will be given a Writing test on April 2 & 3 in 2 parts. The test will be 2 days. Your child will have to write a composition on both days (personal narrative and expository). The 1 st part is editing and revising the 2 nd part is a written composition. There will be a 4 hour time limit on each day.

8 STAAR Tests cont. At the end of April a Math test will be given covering all objectives taught throughout the year. A Reading test will also be administered at the end of April, consisting of 5-7 passages of different genres, fiction, nonfiction, poetry, biography, drama, etc. Maximum time limit on ALL Star Tests is 4 hours. Benchmarks will be timed also to get students accustomed to the new state testing rules.

9 Message from Mrs. Keimig Responding to Parent E-mails… We understand that e-mailing the teacher is a form of communication that parents often use. Please know that teachers have a 24 hour time frame to respond to parent e-mails and phone calls. As directed by campus administration, Harris teachers are not to respond to parent e-mails until after the instructional day is over – after 3:15pm. If the response to the e-mail involves information about student behavior, academics, or other confidential concerns, the teacher will call the parent in lieu of an e-mail. If you have an emergency or information that the teacher must receive during the school day, you are advised to call the school and leave a message with the receptionist. Thank you, Brenda Keimig, Principal

10 Extra Schedule:Zebra and Giraffe Weeks alternate PE, Music, Library Lunch Money-turn in envelope labeled with your child’s name and teacher’s name. Checks please! No cupcakes or other food items may be brought in for a student’s birthday 4 th Grade Peeks and Homework Online Responsibility and Rewards for Homework

11 In closing... We hope you child has an enjoyable year here with us. We will be working hard to help them through any difficulties they might have. Feel free to contact us: –Daily conference times are 8:10am -8:55 am and 3:15 pm – 3:45pm.

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