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Staff Development and Support Higher Administration Admin Services Outcome 3.

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1 Staff Development and Support Higher Administration Admin Services Outcome 3

2 The success of an organisation depends largely on the quality and focus of its staff An effective organisation will develop and support its employees to improve their knowledge and skills and work towards achieving company objectives Staff Development and Performance Management is one way in which organisations try to improve the quality of their staff May be carried out formally or informally. Formal processes might include:

3 Performance Management Appraisal systems can be used as part of performance management They are designed to measure and assess, rate and record employee performance There has been employee resistance to the introduction of appraisal systems, but most organisations will have have one form or another in place

4 Problems with Early Appraisal Systems Imposed and carried out by management with little employee input Used simple rating methods against broad factors eg loyalty and scoring was subjective Did not set targets – indicated weaknesses rather than identifying opportunities for improvement Often used for apportioning blame rather than improving staff performance

5 Modern Appraisal Systems Modern appraisal systems involve An annual review of performance Two-way discussion in which both employee and employer are evaluated Face-to-face interviews discussing rating and performance Setting of targets and discussion of development needs to achieve targets Feedback on performance

6 Examples of Appraisal Methods Management by Objectives (MBO) Emphasises setting of agreed targets by employer and employee Performance is measured against these targets, development needs identified Competency-based Method Like MBO this measures what has been achieved but also Emphasises the importance of how the work is carried out

7 Other Appraisal Methods 360° Method Unlike other methods which have a ‘top-down’ approach (ie employer has main role in evaluating employee) This method uses a variety of people in the assessment process eg supervisors, co-workers and even customers This is to build an overall profile by a third party (usually HR Manager) The profile is then fed back and development needs and target identified

8 Whichever method is used, appraisal must be: Objective Participative Considered developmental

9 Training and Development Performance Management and Staff Development go hand in hand But without training and development, organisations cannot expect staff performance to improve Two ways in which organisations seek to improve employee effectiveness are:

10 Training/Re-training Gives employees specific skills and knowledge Training usually takes place for a particular purpose and has an immediate need ie learning how to operate a new piece of equipment Training can either be on-the-job or off-the-job Development Tends to be broader than training and is more about fine tuning or expanding current knowledge and understanding or developing for future needs

11 Types of Training Most organisations will offer training as part of a planned staff development programme, this is done in 2 ways In-House On the organisation’s premises by external providers or its own staff External Outwith the organisation’s premises eg at a local college

12 In-house or External? This will depend on Cost Availability of specialist trainers Most organisations tend to deliver development sessions themselves or may have their own ICT training facilities however training for formal qualifications is usually carried out externally

13 Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Employers have realised that training and development must be a planned, consistent and integrated process linked to the achievement of organisational goals CPD is when the employer provides the opportunity for employees to receive training and continually develop throughout their employment

14 It is often a requirement of employment It is the responsibility of both the employer (to provide opportunity for development) and The employee (to make use of it) Formal CPD is recorded and used as part of the annual performance appraisal

15 Lifelong Learning The government encourages continuous training and development Organisations are often set training targets, can receive funding and are encouraged to develop their staff

16 Staff Support Systems It is important that organisations support the staff in terms of welfare at work as this has an effect on motivation and effectiveness A happy worker is a better worker and more likely contribute effectively to the organisation There are a number of ways to support staff

17 Staff Support Systems Counselling Organisations may offer counselling on a range of issues such as stress, health etc Specialist counselling organisations

18 Staff Support Systems Advice Organisations will offer advice on such matters as employment and Health and Safety Legislation Employees will have access to written company policies and procedures Information can be obtained from Human Resources or Trade Union Representatives

19 Staff Support Systems Grievance Procedures The aim is to resolve any difficulties between employer and employees in the workplace Provides a formal mechanism and support by which employees can take action if they feel they are being unfairly treated at work

20 Staff Support Systems Return-to-Work Interviews After a prolonged absence or illness it is common for employees to receive advice and counselling Many organisation operate a planned and gradual return to work for employees returning after an extended absence

21 Staff Support Systems Family-Friendly Policies More organisations are realising the importance of flexible working practices This helps staff balance home and work life Policies include paid/unpaid paternity leave, flexi-time, duvet-days Organisations offer benefits such as membership of health clubs, retail discounts etc

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