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You should now be hearing sound Welcome to this webcast.

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3 You should now be hearing sound Welcome to this webcast

4 What YV does – Webcast January 2009 By Ross Kilborn CEO on behalf of the Board, Staff & Committees of YV.

5 Overview Background Membership & Affiliation fees The Value YV delivers

6 Background

7 Who is YV ? The peak body for sailing & boating of all kinds, at Clubs, in Victoria The State Sporting Association for Sailing Includes Boating Victoria – that represents the interests of power boat members at clubs There are 90 member clubs and in turn they have 20,000 individual members YV is affiliated with Yachting Australia

8 Our Resources An volunteer Board of up to 12 people including –8 elected by Member Clubs –3 independent members, appointed by the Board –A Treasurer 12 Committees including around 100 volunteers Staff – –5 full time (of which 2 are committed to government grant funded programs) –5 part time Office on Beach Rd Sandringham, (behind Anchor Marine) The Boat Shed at Albert Park – our training venue

9 What YV does ? Determined by the Board, who are elected by the Member Clubs. Board has 3 roles –Develop and approve a strategy plan – in consultation with member clubs –Appoint a CEO –Oversee governance and financial management Details of the YV Plan 2008-13 are explained in detail later in this presentation

10 Vision “ To be the outstanding peak sailing and power boating body in Victoria for our Members by providing leadership, representation and services that enhance and grow sailing and power boating as an enjoyable, accessible, safe sport and lifetime recreation for everyone.” Mission “To have more people participating more successfully, and enjoying boating and sailing at our member organizations”

11 Objectives 1.To promote and encourage participation in sailing and boating for Members ; 2.To represent sailing, boating and Members strategically to government and other major stakeholders; 3.To promote and facilitate skills development for new and existing participants, Members and officials in sailing and boating; 4.To promote, encourage and facilitate Members to create, attract and deliver major sailing and boating events, including the administration of race management; 5.To assist Members in their development by providing information, advice, services and programs; 6.To increase the success of competitive sailors by providing coaching services to high performing sailors, and the development of coaches and coaching programs of Members; and 7.To be adequately funded, efficiently administered and effectively governed.

12 YV Communication Face to Face Websites ( –Yachtingvictoria – for club officials and club members –Vicsailingteam – for high performance sailors –Sailmelbourne – for our major international event –Boatingvictoria – for club members interested in Power Boating –Gosailing – for people wanting to get into sailing Monthly e-newsletters  Officials  Club Members  Brochures – for the public and club members  The Club Manual – for club officials

13 The End – thanks

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