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SS7H2 Vocabulary Focus.

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1 SS7H2 Vocabulary Focus

2 Ottoman Empire

3 Ottoman Empire An empire that controlled much of the Middle East (or Southwest Asia).

4 Partitioning

5 Partitioning Dividing land that has been taken over into parts without
thinking of the needs of the people living there.

6 Zionism

7 Zionism The feeling that the world’s Jews deserved to return to a homeland in Zion (Israel).

8 Anti-Semitism

9 Anti-Semitism Hatred of the Jews simply because they practice the Jewish faith.

10 Holocaust

11 Holocaust A time when over six million Jews were killed in concentration camps set by Germany.

12 Operation Desert Storm

13 Operation Desert Storm
Another name for the Persian Gulf war.

14 Persian Gulf War ( )

15 Persian Gulf War ( ) Military force used to liberate Kuwait from the Iraqi invasion in 1991; also called Operation Desert Storm.

16 Afghanistan War (2001-Present)
Photo of Osama bin Laden

17 Afghanistan War (2001-Present)
U.S. military force was used because the Taliban was offering safety to al-Qaeda, the organization that attacked the United States on September 11, 2001. Photo of Osama bin Laden

18 Iraqi War ( )

19 Iraqi War ( ) An invasion led by the United States in 2003 to stop the development of nuclear weapons by Iraq.

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