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World Wide Leadership in Facility Management Stan Mitchell BIFM Steve Gladwin FMA Australia Sheila Sheridan IFMA.

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1 World Wide Leadership in Facility Management Stan Mitchell BIFM Steve Gladwin FMA Australia Sheila Sheridan IFMA

2 10/17/051 The story so far! Initial meeting Cambridge April 2004 Attendees were FMA Australia, IFMA USA, BIFM UK A consensus agreed to create an International Organization with two key objectives: –collaborate and share knowledge in order to further the status, understanding and benefits of those working in facilities management –to provide a support mechanism that will further the understanding and promote the development of facilities management across the world Facility Management Association of Australia

3 10/17/052 The story so far! Subsequent meetings and workshops held in Brisbane May 2004, Salt Lake City October 2004, Cambridge April 2005 and Melbourne May 2005 Structure and intent clarified which led to the agreement of: –vision statement –mission statement –strategy map –strategic goals Stakeholder perspective People perspective Operational excellence perspective Finance perspective

4 10/17/053 Vision Statement “To be the world wide community of organizations that provides leadership in Facilities Management.”

5 10/17/054 Mission Statement “To develop and promote knowledge, standards and education in the Facilities Management profession. Using one voice, collaborate on the development and means to share the progress of Facilities Management, knowledge and standards.”

6 10/17/055 Strategy Map

7 10/17/056 Our Goals Goal 1- Establish a sustainable governance model. Corporate Structure Registration of entity branding Membership structure By-laws, Articles of Association Finance and Administration structure Criteria for future members

8 10/17/057 Our Goals Goal 2 – provide the framework for a world wide alliance of facilities management member-centred organizations. Communications Plans Marketing Strategy Member Benefits and Services World Class FM Knowledge Portal

9 10/17/058 Our Goals Goal 3 – Capitalize on the capabilities of the partnering organizations to promote the benefits of innovation and encourage greater collaboration and commitment. Leverage existing research, publications and Best Practice guides Build upon existing research and development

10 10/17/059 Our Goals Goal 4 – Utilize our diverse cultures and strengths to enhance the skills of our people and equip them with the appropriate resources. Benchmark, share and set standards for Best Practice Association Management Support employees and volunteer leadership of our members

11 10/17/0510 Our Goals Goal 5 – Achieve a transparent and sound management as well as financial system to support and expand the Facilities Management International Agenda. Identify appropriate financial system Develop Value Proposition for participating organizations

12 10/17/0511 Future Mega Issues - Influence There is confusion in the global marketplace about FM due to cultural, linguistic, geographic and other variables FM is evolving at different speeds from one location to the next FM contributes much to the achievement of organizational and financial goals, but direct ties are not always clear (appropriate credit not always given) The lack of global standards and common definitions impedes benchmarking and promotion of universal best practices

13 10/17/0512 Future Mega Issues - Influence Professional qualifications and professional development opportunities vary from country-to- country—an international qualifications standard is needed There is a general lack of governmental recognition for FM As the scope of FM increases, FM practitioners need both virtual networks (high tech access) and traditional person-to- person connections (high touch access)

14 10/17/0513 Future Mega Issues - Workforce Facilities managers need both heavy executive-level skills and lighter general-management skills Proficiency in technical skills also is needed Skilled operatives (FM staff, craftsmen, contractors, technicians, etc.) are not always available or affordable Increasing scope of FM roles and responsibilities requires lifelong learning for the FM practitioner Demographic changes—increased urbanization, aging populations, etc.—evolve rapidly and are reshaping FM All markets are increasingly global

15 10/17/0514 Future Mega Issues - Workforce Customers also are changing demographically People working wherever and whenever needed (24/7) are driving virtual work environments and reshaping traditional work environments FM is increasing in its importance and in its impact Outsourcing continues to become an efficient and a preferred way of doing business More and more knowledge workers and service workers are becoming contractors Productivity improvement demands are continuous

16 10/17/0515 Compliance Complexity Sustainability is becoming the universally-accepted way of doing business—all organizations must operate responsibly and be good stewards of the earth Enhancing shareholder value requires continuous improvement and constant review of efficiencies A mobile and demanding workforce requires facilities managers to act locally and think globally FM and corporate real estate practices are moving closer together Technology is advancing at varying paces and to different degrees from region-to-region—facilities managers must know where to look for the next adaptations

17 10/17/0516 Virtual access to information Greater recognition for profession FM public square Networking International standard settings Discounted conferences Research, benchmarking and best practices Member Benefits, Services & Offerings

18 10/17/0517 What Next? Commitment to continue the process Formalization of the ‘Organization’ Constitution and bylaws Time Plan Communication plan Invite Feedback Launch and invite membership

19 10/17/0518 Thank You Questions

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