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CAMBRIDGE COMMUNITY TELEVISION Web Analytics Review & Recommendations.

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1 CAMBRIDGE COMMUNITY TELEVISION Web Analytics Review & Recommendations

2 Our Analysis Exchange project focused on: An audit of the Google Analytics implementation A review of visitor behavior on the CCTV website Discovering opportunities for improvement to increase traffic to the CCTV website and to the Neighbormedia Program in particular

3 Our Recommendation  Custom variables should be created and should track member vs. non-member traffic as well as the number of new accounts created  Ecommerce tracking should be implemented by tagging the “Donate” button on the homepage – this can measure the online fundraising efforts  Ecommerce tracking can also be used to track the CCTV Training classes by tagging the checkout cart  Neighbormedia signups should be tracked by tagging the ʺ ʺ download as an event  Increase organic traffic by search engine optimization and pay per click advertising, as well as increase efforts in social media to build awareness of CCTV and Neighbormedia Program  Utilize available space on homepage to prominently display Neighbormedia Program

4 Approach  We analyzed Google Analytics data over a 12 month time period, starting from 3/1/2011 to 3/31/2012  We were able to study visitor behavior and discover possibilities for improvement to the CCTV website  Key metrics included: - New vs. returning visitors - Traffic Sources (Search, Referral, Direct) - Visit Duration - Page Depth - Pages Most Viewed - Top Landing Pages - Paths taken by visitors starting on Homepage

5 Observations  The web analytics data revealed that the majority of traffic to the CCTV website are new visitors, accounting for 67% of all visits during the selected time period.  An overwhelming amount of traffic comes from Google but these visitors’ search queries are for terms such as CCTV or Cambridge Community TV; these visitors are already familiar with CCTV and are searching for the CCTV website directly  Majority of visitor duration lasts a max of 10 seconds, viewing 1 page before leaving the website

6 Observations  The Homepage is viewed the most and is also the top Landing page, i.e. visitors who search for CCTV on Google land on the Homepage  Visitors who start at the Homepage and view more than 1 page generally view the Watch page next and subsequently the About page, ending on the Homepage and exiting the website from there  The Neighbormedia Program page is being viewed by either members or visitors familiar with the program; visitors come directly to the page or search for Neighbormedia directly on Google

7 Conclusion  The next steps would be to ensure the proper tagging of the custom variables mentioned above (member vs. non member, new account signups, Donate button to measure online fundraising, track Neighbormedia application downloads and setup Ecommerce tracking for the training classes)  Specific goals for the website need to be setup for performance measurement – increase visitor traffic by measuring traffic sources; increase visitor engagement by measuring visitor time on site & page depth  Build brand awareness through social media promoting Neighbormedia program and CCTV services to increase new account signups; measure by tracking traffic sources from various social media outlets  Add Facebook “Like” social plugin on homepage  Prominently display Neighbormedia program on Homepage and optimize website to be user friendly including interlinking between pages for better navigation

8 Thank You Q&A

9 Cambridge Community Television Data 3/1/2011 – 3/31/2012 Total Visits: 127,899 New Visitors: 85,953 (67.20%) Returning Visitors: 41,943 (32.79%) Traffic Sources: Search: 76,550 Visits Referral: 20,706 Visits Direct: 30,631 Visits 69.74% Bounce Rate 62.87% Bounce Rate62.31% Bounce Rate Top 3 Search Sources: VisitsAvg. Time on Site%New Visits Bounce Rate Google - 68,299 2:09 68.96% 64.85% Bing - 3,636 2:28 71.97% 61.30% Yahoo - 2,852 1:44 77.59% 67.39% Top 3 Referral Sources: VisitsAvg. Time on Site%New Visits Bounce Rate Facebook - 3,996 2:58 53.98% 64.69% Google (Search Partners) - 1,600 0:58 87.44% 58.94% - 870 1:42 63.56% 66.78%

10 Cambridge Community Television Data 3/1/2011 – 3/31/2012 Frequency of Visits: 67.21% of all visitors had 1 visit during selected time period 8.73% of all visitors had 2 visits during selected time period 7.22% of all visitors had between 100-200+ visits during selected time period (most likely staff) Recency of Visits: 85.79% of all visitors have a visit within 24 hours but this includes New Visitors which is the majority of all visitors 3.87% of all visitors have 1-2 days since their last visit Visit Duration: Page Depth: 0-10 seconds = 66.82% of all visits1 page view = 65.57% of all visits 1 min.-10 mins. = 16.58% of all visits 2-7 pages = 27.22% of all visits Pages Most Viewed : ViewsAvg. Time on SiteBounce Rate Exit Rate Homepage - 49,106 2:38 46.49% 44.29% Watch - 9,552 0:32 38.91% 13.04% About - 8,594 0:58 52.09% 25.38% **Neighbormedia - 3,800 0:46 28.88% 13.82% Top Landing Page : ViewsAvg. Time on Site% New Visits Exit Rate Homepage34,023 4:36 50.41% 46.49% Traffic Source – Google, Direct 11% of Visitors starting at the Homepage click to the Watch Page while another 8.30% of Visitors starting at the Homepage proceed to the About Page 75.84% of visitors who start visit at Homepage also exit the website through the Homepage

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