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Happiness Project By: Christian Lee.

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1 Happiness Project By: Christian Lee

2 My definition of happiness when everything is going your way and nothing is bothering you. Being happy is when you have nothing to complain about and your day has great. Happiness comes in different ways like girls find happiness in dolls and boy find happiness in toy monsters and other violent toys. Different people have different ways of showing happiness. Everyone one is not alike. If people think everyone gets happy from one thing than there wrong each person is different and everyone does not like the same thing.

3 Happiness is a matter of choice you can choose to be happy of choose to be mad for no reason. Its your choice because there your emotions you can decide if you want to be happy because you know your going to have a good day or you can slump around all day and say it boring or a no fun day. You can either be happy and cheerful and spread happiness around to other people or you can gruel all day and make people sad because of your attitude. Everyone has a choice in life you can decide no one has to force you to be happy is all your decision.

4 Happiness can be changed by different outside forces like bad or sad people who mop around and you start acting like them. You could fail a test and that will make your day crummy and you won’t be happy. There are people though that almost happy everyday because they keep their head and spirit up all day long. The only thing that can make them sad is if they choose to be sad and than start to mope around the rest of the day. So my answer is yes and no it’s the choice of the person to be sad or happy.

5 The only people who can change their emotion is them self
The only people who can change their emotion is them self. They can choose to be sad or happy. Its not anyone chose but them they can choose all by them selves because there is not going to be a person with them that will tell them if they should be happy of not. People know that if they stay happy the rest of the day good will eventually happen to them. If they want to be sad and ruin their day that’s fine but that doesn’t mean that other people should ruin their happiness. Nobody can change your emotions but you you’re the controller of the body so it your choice to be happy or sad.

6 The government can not make a law and say everyone's happy with that law. Each person is different and have there own ways of becoming happy not everyone can agree on the same objects like dolls and toy guns. People are different in a lot of way like skin, personality, weight, height and ways of expressing them selves. If people are different in these ways than they must have different ways of becoming happy. It not the governments law that can make people happy is the choice of the people that choose if they want to be happy or not.

7 If the government and me got into a disagreement on what happiness was than I would tell them that not everyone is alike and the same. People are different and you can’t make a law saying that they’ll be happy with it. Its not their choice to make laws like that and assume that the people will like it the peoples choice to decide that not the government. The government might get mad at me for telling them that but it the truth. It not their choice it’s the peoples choice they can not change that at all no matter how many laws they enforce.

8 Captain Beatty tells Montag that happiness is when people have something to do and or occupied. If they have something to do with their life than they will be happy with their life and they won’t complain because they have a house and they work and they have money. They have whatever they need and if they have what they need than there's no need to complain about anything. So if there is nothing to complain than there are no more problems to be unhappy with. That is what Captain Beatty tells Montage what happiness is in the book. This does not work because Montag does not feel happy so that must mean he's not happy with the government.

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