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MCX: Developing Indian Commodity Ecosystem Joseph Massey Deputy Managing Director MCX.

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1 MCX: Developing Indian Commodity Ecosystem Joseph Massey Deputy Managing Director MCX

2 Why nations need commodities markets  Commodities are generic  Prices are determined on global basis –international trade –Information effect –Inter-substitutability – Food for energy Commodity as investment Price related switching  Market pricing efficient & gives long term signals  All carry price risk & better to manage

3 Indian Contribution to Global Futures Market

4 Market Share of Traded Futures Volume

5 Share of Global Commodities in India

6 Share of Agri, Energy & Metals of the Total MCX Volume in Contracts Traded (2006) Energy 15% Metals 67% Agri 18%

7 Mini Contracts of Global commodities in Indian Time Zone Availability of smaller contracts on Indian exchanges helps smaller traders/companies to hedge their risk Price discovery at Indian time zone High level of relationship between Indian and global markets in globally linked commodities

8 New developments expected  New products – Options and Indices (Weather, commodity, Carbon Credits, freight, etc.)  Exchange traded funds  Banks, MFs and FIIs in commodities market  Global strategic alliance and cross listing of products  Domestic investors going global  Capital account convertibility & greater global integration

9 MCX Growth Story

10 Market Share of Global Bullion Exchanges (2006)

11 Market Share of Global Energy Exchanges 2006

12 MCX Comdex Vs Global Commodity Indices Correlation of COMDEX with: CRB Index 33.71% Rogers com Index83.24% DJAIG com Index 48.70% GSCI spot Index 69.24%

13 MCX Cross Border Strategic Alliances

14 MCX – Reforming Commodity Ecosystem National Level Price Discovery in Perishable & Non-Perishable Commodities, Market Infrastructure and National Reach. Collateral Financing Increase the Holding Capacity Grading & Standardization

15 Gramin Suvidha Kendras: MCX - India Post Initiatives Shri S P Tayde – Village Postmaster Dhamangaon writing MCX rates on Board Villagers in Dhamangaon benefiting from MCX futures commodity prices

16 Commodity Suchna Kendras: MCX Initiative An e-Ticker in Indore, Madhya Pradesh First Commodity Suchna Kendra at APMC, Vashi being inaugurated by Shri Sharad Pawar

17 Thank You! Contact: 102 A, Landmark Suren Road, Chakala Andheri (East) Mumbai 400 093. Tel: +91-22 - 6709 9300 Fax :+91-22 - 6709 9044 Web : DISCLAIMER:The Information in the presentation is solely for informational purpose and should not be regarded as a recommendation by MCX. All information in the presentation is obtained from the sources believed to be reliable and MCX or any of the associate entities make no representation as to its completeness or accuracy.MCX accepts no obligation to correct or update the information or opinion.No member of MCX or its associate entities accept any liability whatsoever consequent ional or other loses arising from the use of the presentation and or further communication in relation to this presentation. MCX hits record turnover of 17987 crores

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