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FAMILY AND CONSUMER SCIENCES. WHAT IS FAMILY CONSUMER SCIENCE?  A general program that focuses on family and consumer sciences, including how individuals.

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2 WHAT IS FAMILY CONSUMER SCIENCE?  A general program that focuses on family and consumer sciences, including how individuals develop and function in family, work, and community settings and how they relate to their physical, social, emotional, and intellectual environments.

3 INDIVIDUAL AND SOCIETY  Individual and Society is a combination of a Health and Nutrition class, students learn to apply skills in everyday life.  Things learned:  Mental disorders: How they affect you and the people around you. How to live with others that have a disorder, such as depression or bipolar disorder.  Individual health: Personal health, goal setting, dangers of drugs, alcohol and other drugs.  Society as a whole: How interactions with others effect society and culture.  Culinary arts: How to plan meals and how to prepare them. You learn how to properly prepare food, which is a skill you need throughout your life  Environmental issues : to know how to take care of the earth to help provide a substantial place to live for our future generations.  Social issues: Communication skills, how to deal with relationships, reproductive health and challenging relationship issues. MAJOR PROJECT social issues project.

4 HUMAN DEVELOPMENT 1  Human Development 1 is a parenting class that focuses on family issues and human development from conception through infancy  Things learned:  Family Systems: Types of families, family life cycle, challenges to families (divorce, economic hardships, domestic violence and child abuse and neglect, guidance and discipline techniques, etc.  Family planning: fertility concerns, adoption, and child readiness.  Prenatal health- for you and baby: prenatal vitamins, what you can do while you are pregnant, what harms baby and how to prevent it.  Fetal growth: conception of baby, what happens while baby is in the womb  Infants: Infant care skills, how to help baby develop mentally and emotionally, cost of raising a baby,

5 MAJOR PROJECTS  Baby Think it Over Experience:  Baby Care Demonstrations:  Parent Panels: Mrs. Blake brings in parents of children from all different age groups. Parents are the “experts” in their role and the students ask questions about the daily life of raising a child.

6 BABY-THINK-IT-OVER  Baby is an infant simulator. The student takes baby home and has to care for baby. Baby cries for four things, diaper changes, to be fed, to be burped, and to be rocked.  The student has baby for three days and two nights. Students are responsible for waking up in the middle of the night, responding to baby’s needs, and finding care for baby if they have prior obligations.  Baby is made to be as real as possible, including making real infant noises, from cooing, crying, and even breathing. Baby records neglect, if the neck breaks, and even how many times you change their clothes.

7 HUMAN DEVELOPMENT 2  Human Development 2 class is about education and Early Childhood Programs.  Things learned:  Physical development: children’s abilities to explore and interact with the world around them.  Cognitive development: the construction of thought processes, including remembering, problem solving, and decision-making.  Emotional and social development: the experience of expression, and management of emotions and the ability to establish relationships with others.

8 PRESCHOOL OBSERVATIONS  Students observe local area preschools to get a direct experience working with preschools, BEFORE starting our Happy Apple program. The cooperating school’s included:  Corunna Children’s Services  Baker Early Learning Center  Noah’s Ark  Bentley Bright Beginnings  Congregational Child Development Center.  Student testimonials…


10 HAPPY APPLE PRESCHOOL Human Development Two Website

11 HUMAN DEVELOPMENT 3  Human development 3 class is about field experience, observing classrooms k-12 and student teaching. This course is designed for students interested in education as a career.  Teacher cadet: students will be matched and supervised by a teacher in the k-12 educational setting and obtain practical experience by working directly with children in a district classroom.  The students have to write and teach their own lesson plans which are associated with what the students previously learned in their classroom Student Teacher

12 FAMILY, CAREER, AND COMMUNITY LEADERS OF AMERICA  is a national organization that provides personal growth, leadership development, and career preparation opportunities for students in Family and Consumer Sciences education.  What we do:  Volunteer Projects  Fundraisers  National Leadership Conference  FCCLA Week

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