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Camp Zama /czpc

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1 Camp Zama www.ZamaDesu.Net /czpc

2 Joining a club can…  Help enhance enjoyment of photography as a profession or hobby  Provide good fellowship among enthusiasts with similar interests  Offer photographic education no matter what your skill level  Stimulate techniques and creativity through competition, exhibition, and sharing  Offer many advantages available to organized groups, but not individuals -- Been part of a Photography/Camera Club before? -- Camera vs. Photography Club? www.ZamaDesu.Net /czpc

3 What’s our Name???*  Camp Zama Photography Club  Other suggestions? (fancy name, specialized name)  Too discrete or fancy; hides Club’s purpose www.ZamaDesu.Net /czpc What’s our Type???*  Competitive (outside voice)  Rankings, judges, ribbons, prizes  Non-Competitive (inside voice)  Critique, sharing, encouragement, learning, teaching  Combo (inside/outside voice)

4 Got some time???* www.ZamaDesu.Net /czpc Have it my way!!!  Bi-monthly meetings (2 different days of week)  Alternating between informational and sharing/critique format  Publicly-displayed Contest each quarter  Outside judge(s), membership campaign night  Frequency of Meetings  Monthly, bi-monthly, bi-weekly, weekly  Evening of the Week  Thoughts on conflicting events at SHA and Zama  Length of meeting  Set up and tear down/cleanup time

5 Who’s in Charge???* www.ZamaDesu.Net /czpc Have it my way!!!  Initial start: Council of Professionals  Can easily get things started and moving forward  Later: Membership vote for type of leadership  Allows members to evaluate who may fit proper roles  Executive Board?  Structured, requires voting, and additional meetings for those elected  Council of Professionals?  More experienced photographers form council to make Club decisions  Casual Gathering?  A social meeting with like-minded hobbyists; group voting  Loosely structured, no leadership, go with the flow format

6 Going out??? www.ZamaDesu.Net /czpc What’s needed???  Time and place  Should afford a majority of group participation to be effective  Transportation may require a cost, usually cheaper as a group  Volunteers  Creation and coordination of timelines, maps, entrance fees, transportation  Acting as Point of Contact and assisting with meeting point admin details  Create a theme or photographic assignment as a goal for the outing  Gather and prepare submissions for viewing at next meeting  Photographic Group Outings  Great for seeing photography in action  Allows seeing and photographing a subject from another’s view  Creates confidence when looking for subject matter  Photographers know that good photography takes time  A good way to explore your environment, neighborhood, and country

7 What happens at a meeting??? www.ZamaDesu.Net /czpc  Informational Meetings  Photographic Topic Q&AProcessing techniques  Photo 101 trainingPrinting techniques  Vendor or Product DemosStudio / Model Shoots  Camera techniques, tips, cleaningWorkflow  Sharing Meetings  Member presentationsOuting presentations  Travelogue presentationsContests  CritiquesStyles  Special Guest presentationsTheme presentations

8 What can you do to help??? www.ZamaDesu.Net /czpc  Assist  Newsletter / Website content  Provide Extra equipment for club members to learn  Mentor a beginner  Critique to improve abilities  Foster support and companionship  Organize  Meetings or Events  Photo excursion or Outing  Contests and judging events  Fund raising activities  Serve  Attend meetings  Planning Committee  Elected Official

9 Now what??? www.ZamaDesu.Net /czpc  Complete survey handout  Helps committee get to know you and your abilities  Committee consolidates data  Helps plan type of first meeting or event  Selecting appropriate dates and times  Organize activity details  Contact members through email, website, and telephone  Provide meeting or event requirements to members

10 Homework!!!! www.ZamaDesu.Net /czpc  10 words to get comfortable with  1. Post Processing6. Focus  2. White Balance7. Depth of Field  3. Shutter Speed8. Flash  4. Lens Focal Length9. Aperture / f-stop  5. ISO Number10. Exposure

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