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A Partnership to End the Healthcare Workforce Crisis in Oregon Presented to The Oregon State Board of Education May 15, 2009.

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1 A Partnership to End the Healthcare Workforce Crisis in Oregon Presented to The Oregon State Board of Education May 15, 2009

2 Understanding the Crisis Oregon is facing a major healthcare workforce shortage. The growth, aging and increasing diversity of our population, the aging of the health care workforce, new technology and health reform efforts create the need for more than 60,000+ additional healthcare workers by 2016. The state’s worsening shortage could adversely affect patient care and safety and continue to drive up the cost of health care.

3 What We Are Facing Need for 30% increase in all physician specialties Nearly one-half of Oregon’s RNs are 50 years of age or older OED’s May 2008 survey found 1 in 5 vacancies were health care Dependence on in-migration of health care practitioners Problems with geographic distribution of health care providers Faculty shortages and limited admissions and clinical training capacity Growth in demand for the health information technology workforce and a health care workforce skilled in using electronic health records

4 What We Are Facing Finding the health care workforce gaps: The need for accurate supply and demand data Health care reform efforts: Building the workforce for new and emerging models of delivering health care. The industry in transition: Reimbursements, access, coverage, quality, patient safety, technology, evidence-based, transparent, consumer-awareness and the economy Our call to action

5 OHWI was established in 2005 as a result of an initiative out of the Governor’s Office and became a 501(c)(3) in 2007. Identified in statute by the State Legislature in 2007 as an health workforce advisory entity to state boards and agencies. This public/private partnership is designed to bring together the health care industry, education, government, associations, foundations and others. The goal is to understand and develop a comprehensive statewide response to address the growing critical health care workforce shortage in Oregon. The Oregon Healthcare Workforce Institute

6 Board of Directors Kris Campbell, RN, Ph.D. Oregon Nursing Leadership Council Executive Director, Oregon Center for Nursing June Chrisman, Chief Human Resources Officer Providence Health & Services, Oregon Region Lita Colligan Associate Vice President, Strategic Partnerships Oregon Institute of Technology Phil Fogg, Jr. President, Marquis Companies Jesse Gamez – President-Elect Salem Primary Care Director Kaiser Permanente Debbie Glass, MS, RN, Immediate Past President Assistant Administrator for Patient Care Providence Newberg Medical Center Bruce Goldberg, MD Director, Department of Human Services Lesley Hallick, Ph.D. - Secretary-Treasurer Provost, Oregon Health & Science University Denise Honzel Commissioner Oregon Health Policy Commission Terri Johanson, Ed.D. Healthcare Workforce Liaison Dept. of Community Colleges & Workforce Development John Moorhead, MD - President Professor, OHSU Emergency Medicine Anna Mulessa, RN Labor Partner Kaiser Sunnyside Medical Center Jo Isgrigg, Ph.D. Executive Director, OHWI Jennifer Swendsen Program Manager, OHWI

7 Today OHWI has identified four strategic initiatives deemed critical for the development of Oregon’s healthcare workforce: –Understanding and solving Oregon’s physician workforce shortage –Recruiting bilingual/bicultural workers into the healthcare workforce –Building Oregon's health information technology workforce –Solving mental healthcare workforce shortfalls, including the use of telemedicine

8 The Future in Our Hands A strategic partnership with the Oregon State Board of Education Building the comprehensive plan for developing Oregon’s health care workforce: –Developed through public/private collaboration –Data driven, targeting public and private investments towards identified health workforce needs and priming the health careers education pipeline –In support of industry’s needs, communities’ needs, and state and national health policy efforts to improve access, coverage and quality of care –To produce a skilled health care workforce to fill jobs in Oregon’s fastest growing industry so that every Oregonian can access high-quality, cost effective health care services when needed

9 Contacts: Jo Isgrigg, Ph.D. Jennifer Swendsen 503-479-6002 503-479-6012 Thank you for this opportunity

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