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Two Party System.

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1 Two Party System

2 Why a 2 Party System?

3 1. Historical Basis Ratification of the Constitution created the first two parties (Federalists and Anti-Federalists) Constitution made no provisions for political parties Framers had never known the parties would play the role that they do in Government Framers would never know how the two parties would play the middle of the road positions

4 2. Tradition Itself Most Americans accept the idea of a 2 party system
People feel closer to one of the two parties Minor Parties face restrictions American has a two party system because America has a two party system (Its what the people have accepted)

5 3. Electoral System Single-member districts
Only one candidate is elected to each office on the ballot Winner takes all in the election Plurality Discourage minor parties Election Rules Rep/Dem act bipartisan They shape laws Hard for minority parties to get on the ballot

6 3. Electoral System 4 types of minor parties:
1. Protest Parties- Tea Party 2. Ideological Parties- Green Party 3. Single Issue Parties- Steve Forbes and Flat Income Tax 4. Splinter Parties- Bull Moose Progressive Party

7 4. American Ideology Same ideas, beliefs and basic principles
Consensus on fundamental matters. American society does not permit more than two parties Democratic Party supports social welfare, business regulation, minority status Republican Party support private market, govt. be less involved in social welfare

8 One Party System One party rules There is no other party
Soviet Union China Some parts of the U.S. tend to vote to one particular party Youngstown/Warren area democratic party Cincinnati Republican Party

9 Multiparty Systems Seen in European democracies Based on an interest
Religious Beliefs Economic Class Political Ideology Give the voter more of a choice Leads to instability in Govt. Leads to a Coalition Examples of Bad Multiparty Italy Kenya Americans stayed away from this system

10 Left Wing vs Right Wing

11 Membership Patterns Voluntary basis
Made Up of a variety of people of variety of segments Some segments tend to lean one particular way Important to many individuals to be identified with a party Events, Economic Issues, Age, Education and Work Environment influence party choice

12 Homework You are campaigning for one of the two major parties. Create a short political advertisement to appeal to large numbers of voters and to distinguish your party from the other major party. (10 points) Partner (Skit or TV Ad) Individual (Radio or Newspaper Ad)

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