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Aim: Who were the leaders of the Abolition movement?

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1 Aim: Who were the leaders of the Abolition movement?

2 What does Garrison compare himself to that had occurred 57 years earlier? How does he compare himself to them? Whose freedom is Garrison fighting for? How are they treated? What is the message Garrison sends in his last line? What does this tell us about the Abolitionist movement?

3 The Abolition Movement Abolition movement: Sought to end slavery Colonization movement: Sought to return African Americans to Africa- Failed Abolition movements existed since 1700’s, sought slow, gradual end to slavery Why might these strategies have been ineffective? Think from the perspective of all sides.

4 1800’s- Abolitionists become more radical, demand immediate end to slavery Begin flooding South with anti-Slavery propaganda- Outlawed by Andrew Jackson

5 Anti-slavery legislation barred from being discussed in Congress Why would many Northern politicians be so worried about this movement? Is it similar to anything today?

6 William Lloyd Garrison White abolitionist from Boston Published the Liberator Organized The New England Anti-Slavery Society Most of his readership were freed blacks

7 derick-douglass-9278324 Who was Frederick Douglas and what was he like as a slave? What did Douglas do after gaining his freedom? What book did he publish? Why do you think Douglas is such an important Abolitionist figure?

8 Sojourner Truth Born a slave in rural New York Hears the voice of God telling her to escape, which she follows Is aided in her escape by Quakers

9 Spends her life preaching in churches, using her experiences to paint slavery as an evil force Publishes a book of her experiences as a slave

10 Harriet Tubman Escaped slave from Maryland Becomes a “conductor” on the Underground Railroad, saving hundreds of slaves and never losing one Will later become a Union Spy during the Civil War history/harriet-tubman

11 Underground Railroad Not an organized route Group of abolitionists and sympathizers who aided slaves in their escape from the South to the North and Canada

12 John Brown White abolitionist who launches a raid on the military arsenal at Harpers Ferry in 1859 Planned on starting an open slave rebellion, is defeated by Robert Lee Had asked Tubman (who was sick) and Douglas (who declined) to join

13 Which abolitionists strategy do you think will gain the most success? Why?


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