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Norms and Values Chapter 3 Section 3.

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1 Norms and Values Chapter 3 Section 3

2 Norms (DEF) Rules defining appropriate and inappropriate behavior
EX. School, Church, Work Folkways = Norms that lack moral significance Not considered vital to group welfare EX.

3 Norms Mores = Norms that have a moral dimensions and that should be followed by members of society. Strong approval or disapproval in society Ex. Taboo = Rule of behavior, violation of which calls for strong punishment EX. Bomb on an airplane

4 Norms Law = Norm that is formally defined and enforces by officials
Silly Laws (Print out) Page 86 Mores Vs Laws Mores emerge more slowly and unconsciously created Laws are consciously created and enforced

5 How are norms enforced? Sanctions = Rewards or Punishments used to encourage people to follow norms. Informal Sanctions = Rewards or Punishments that can be applied by most members of a group Formal Sanctions = Rewards or Punishments that are imposed by a person with special authority

6 Values (DEF) Broad ideas about what is good or desirable shared by people in a society. Values have tremendous influence on human social behavior They are so general that they can be involved in most aspects of life

7 6 Basic Values of the United States
Page 90 in Text Writing Prompt Which value does not fit anymore and why, which value would you replace it with and why?

8 Beliefs and Material and Non-Material Culture
Beliefs = Ideas about the nature of reality. Beliefs are important because people base their behavior off what they believe regardless of how true of false they are

9 Material and Non-Materials Culture
Non-Material Culture = Ideas, knowledge, and beliefs that influence people’s behavior. EX. Material Culture = Concrete tangible objects Meanings are based on (NORMS, VALUES, AND BELIEFS).

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