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Letters Word 3.

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1 Letters Word 3

2 All About Letters The primary method of written communication before was written letters Even though has become the most popular form of communication, It is still considered informal

3 Letters The general rule is that formal situations are better handled through Written letters than through Letters can be broken into 2 categories, Personal and business

4 Personal Letters Personal Letters are sent from one person to another and deal with personal matters. Examples: Love Letters Letters of apology Congratulations or condolence

5 Business Letters Business Letters are letters that individuals send to business or institutions that deal with business related matters. Examples: Letters of Recommendation Letter of Application Letters of Complaint

6 Letterhead Letterhead is the heading at the top of a sheet of letter paper containing a business’s: Name Address phone/fax number Website Logo/sloggan

7 Letterhead cont… When no Letterhead exists, be sure to include the writers address in the letter. It can appear in one of two places in a letter immediately above the date or Two lines immediately below the sender and title

8 Letter Styles Letters can be formatted in Block or Modified Block style. In a block style letter, each line of the letter begins at the left margin. In a modified block style letter the , Date, complimentary close, and signature block and sender/title start at the horizontal center(3.25”) of the page.

9 Letter punctuation Open punctuation has no punctuation after the salutation or the complimentary close. Mixed punctuation has a colon (:) after the salutation And a comma(,) after the complimentary close.

10 More Parts of a Letter The signature block is the space between the complimentary close and the sender’s name If the composer has someone else type the letter, the typist’s initials/ reference initials should be typed on the left a double space below the sender’s name and title.

11 Parts of a letter The word attachment or enclosed at the bottom of a letter indicates there is something additional in the envelope. The letters cc at the bottom of a letter indicate that someone has received a complimentary copy of the letter.

12 Letter Alignment Letters should be vertically centered.
To vertically center a page, Page Setup dialog box Layout tab page section select center and the body of a letter should be single spaced

13 Letter Margins The margins for a letter should be set at 1 inch.

14 Formatting The blank space around the outside of a document is called… Margins Alignment refers to the position of the text between the Margins Left, Center, Right, Justify

15 More formatting Line spacing refers to the amount of space between the Lines of text. A bullet is any small character that appears before an item in a list. The show/hide button shows the formatting in the document.

16 Tabs Default tabs are set every ½ inch. The four types of tabs are:
Left └ Right ┘ Center ┴ Decimal ┴.

17 More Tabs You can set tabs using the Tab Box located to the left of the ruler bar. The path to set tabs using the Paragraph group: Paragraph dialog box  Tab Button

18 Tabs cont… The tab dialog box can be opened by double clicking on a tab located on the ruler. Solid, dotted or dashed lines which fill the blank space before a tab are called Leaders.

19 Clearing and Moving Tabs
To clear a tab from the ruler, click and drag the tab down off the ruler. To move a tab on the ruler, click on the tab and drag it left or right.

20 Spacing and parts of a letter
Letterhead Date QS Inside Address DS Salutation ss Complimentary Close Signature Block Author Indicates if something is with letter Typists initials

21 Letter Identification
Block Letter – Open Punctuation Modified Block – Mixed Punctuation

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