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A Quest for the Holy Land Aim: Do Now: Would you ever go to war?

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1 A Quest for the Holy Land Aim: Do Now: Would you ever go to war?
THE CRUSADES A Quest for the Holy Land Aim: Do Now: Would you ever go to war?

2 Crusades is a holy war undertaken for a religious reason
Muslims Christians =Conflict Innocent By standards= the Jews Crusades


4 Goals of the Crusades Economic Goal:
Knights wanted some MONEY! Loot it! Steal it! BLING, BLING! Religious Goal: Gain Holy Land = Palestine, the land land where Jesus lived, preached, and died. Political Goal: Church wanted to re-unite the Western and Eastern Christian Empires (think Byzantine) into one big empire

5 Causes of the Crusades Muslim Turks captured Jerusalem form the Byzantine Empire Pope Urban believed the Crusades would increase the power of the Church and heal the schism Nobles hopes to gain wealth People saw the Crusades as a chance to Travel and excitement Serfs hoped to escape Feudal oppression

6 The First Crusade (1096-1099) Succeeded in capturing Jerusalem
Crusaders divided the conquered land into feudal states

7 Second Crusade ( ) After victory many Christians went back home. The Turks eventually took back much of the territory. Second Crusades start

8 Leader of the Muslim Warriors
Saladin leads the Muslim Turks to victory, defeating the Christians * He was considered a very wise ruler. He was known for his sometimes kind treatment of fallen enemies. Many Christians saw him as a model of knightly chivalry.

9 Third Crusade ( ) King Richard of England convinces the Turks to allow Christians to visit the Holy Land

10 Results of the Crusades
Feudalism declines because Feudal lords die or spend too much money on military. Turks still rule the Holy Land POPE LOSES SOME POWER: People lose faith in the Pope’s promise. After all, they lost! Increased Trade ($): Crusaders came back with very cool stuff (spices, soap, fabrics, and IDEAS)  Also leads to bigger towns in Europe! Bitter feelings: The bitter violence displayed by the Christians was not forgotten by the Muslims. (still a sore spot between the two belief systems)

11 Results of the Crusades
Cultural Diffusion Contact between Europeans and Muslims resulted in the exchange of ideas and the increase in trade

12 Assignment: Recruitment Poster
Using your notes you are to create a poster recruiting knights, lords and peasants to join the First Crusade and go to Jerusalem. Your project should include: A definition of the crusades. A catchy headline to attract recruits. Three reasons to join the Crusades mentioned by Pope Urban’s speech or your notes from today A picture of the Crusades (ex. Knight or lord)

13 Recruitment Poster I Want You for the Crusades See new Become Places!!! Wealthy!! Join today and help bring us back the Holy Land

14 Exit Slip In your notebook write a journal entry pretending to be a Knight and describe the reasons you would join the Crusades

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